Trailer is out!

Men in Kilts |  Official Trailer |  STARZ

Do you want to go to Scotland with Jamie and Dougal McKenzie? Anything is possible in 2021!

Update of 11 January 2021 – Ah bah, the year starts off really well! Two big news for all the fans of the series outlander, Of Scotland and the Kilts: The Official Trailer for men in kiltsJamie Fraser and Dougal Mackenzie’s interpreters, the new show from Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, is aired!

Here it is below (be careful, it can give you a beating):

And for the other good news: men in kilts Will release on February 14, for Valentine’s Day on STARZ. As soon as I find out where we can watch episodes in France, I promise I’ll let you know (I won’t keep this information to myself, you’ll notice my altruism!)

Very personally, having absolutely nothing to do with lovers’ feast, I intend to spend my evening watching the kilt and listening to the “R” roll.

Article published on June 11, 2020

I will not hide from you that as a good Outlander fan and crazy lover of Scotland, seeing this information everywhere shocked me.

so yes, the weatherOutlander is over You have to move on and everything and everything eh, but this teaser got me hyped like never before.

Do you want to discover Scotland with Jamie Fraser and Dougal McKenzie too?

A road trip through Scotland, as if you were there

men in kiltsThe name of this new show introduced by the channel is Starz who already hosts the series Outlander.

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This documentary mini-series will be made in 8 parts, in which we will see actors Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, interpreters from Jamie Fraser and Dougal Mackenzie travel Scotland by bike, on foot, by boat, by motorbike. Or in a motorhome, and tell the story of this magical country.

Men in Kilts |  Official Teaser |  STARZ

men in kiltsTo discover Scotland and its history

The series doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it already has an Instagram account that fills me with envy.

No, but look at this, it looks great:

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Chain Starz indicated that both would go” Meet local craftsmen and visit the sites where the great fighting took place, including Glencoe – the site of the MacDonald Clan massacre – and Culloden, which is already well known for Outlander. “

me in front of the trailer

I’m hyperventilating, it’s official.

Landscapes of the most beautiful land in the world (very fair eh), Sam Heughan donning his cloak, all told with a delicious Scottish accent, what more could you ask for other than Scottish nationality?


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