Train derailed in Scotland: at least two people feared dead

Train derailed in Scotland: at least two people feared dead
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In Scotland, a train derailed near the town of Stonehaven and smoke could be seen in the sky. Three fatal incidents are feared.

  • in Scotland near the city A train derailed in Stonehaven
  • Apparently at least Three deadly
  • In Scotland it happened the night before severe flooding Given

Update 5:35 pm: According to media reports, three people, including a train driver, were killed in a train accident in Scotland. The train derailed on Wednesday morning after heavy rains near the town of Stonehaven in the northeast of the country.

The cause of the crash has been reported to be a landslide, the PA news agency reported. There were only a dozen people in the train. There was no official notification about the number of victims in the afternoon.

Update from 3:10 pm on Wednesday, August 12, 2020. “ In which Train accident in scotland According to the British news agency P.A. At least two fatal and many injured felt afraid. English “Mirror“Which reported at least one fatal incident. The train was near the city on Wednesday morning after heavy rain Stonhaven Derailed. The storm probably caused landslides, he said.

According to the PA, one of the four wagons of the locomotive crashed along the embankment. Hours earlier, the railway operator, Scotrell, warned of flooding in the area.

Train derailed in Scotland: “Extremely serious accident”

First report from Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 2:16 pm. Scotland – With One Train accident In the northeast affected by severe floods Scotland Apparently many people were seriously injured. “First reports of serious injuries” Stop of a trainScottish prime minister wrote Nikola Sturgeon Short message service Twitter on Wednesday. This is an “extremely serious accident”. Network Rail Scotland, the company responsible for the Scottish rail network, said the “exact nature and severity of the incident” had yet to be anticipated.

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“Rescuers are currently on site. Also, a major loss event was declared, ”Sturgeon explained. Network Rail Scotland said further details would be made public “as they are known”.

Train crash in Scotland: heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains cause floods

Police said they were at the crash site south of Aberdeen at 9.43 am (local time; 10.43 pm CEST). Stonhaven It is said. Accordingly, there were about 30 rescue vehicles on site. Smoke rising from the crash scene was seen on television video footage.

Scottish MP Andrew Bowie spoke of a “massive rescue operation”. He had already spoken to British Transport Minister Grant Shaps about the incident. Bowie tweeted, “My thoughts go with everyone.”

Heavy thunderstorms and torrential rain There was flooding in northeast Scotland on Wednesday night. According to the Scottish Railways, rail traffic was disrupted due to heavy rains and lightning strikes. (with afp and dpa)


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