Travis Scott has deleted his Instagram account

Travis Scott has deleted his Instagram account

Travis Scott His Instagram account has been deleted.

Fans believe the move could be a pre-cursor for the release of the new music, though some suggest it has to do with her last photo on account.

In August, Scott revealed that his new album was called “Utopia” in a message to fans celebrating the anniversary of his Ast Strowworld album.

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Before deactivating the account, Raffer shared a photo of himself dressed as Batman HalloweenWhich was then widely mocked by fans.

One Twitter claimed that the reason for the deactivation was “due to poor comments and racist comments about his Batman costume,” while another wrote: “Are you really threatening Travis Scott from Instagram?”

Scott, meanwhile, is being prosecuted for allegedly copying video game joystick designs. Court papers claim the rapper copied copyright-protected photos of Controlfrick’s products to sell as Captus Jack-branded pepper when Scott appeared in the video game. Fornite.

Earlier in the coronavirus epidemic, Fornite Between April 23-25, Travis hosted Scott’s latest “musical tour,” during which he premiered his new collaboration with Kid Kudi, The Scots.

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Described as another worldly experience inspired by the creations of Cactus Jack, built above ground Fornite“The ‘Astronomical’ show helped break up ForniteCurrent streaming record as 12.3 million concurrent players participated in the online event.

Travis Scott also recently shared the new single ‘The Plan’, which appears on the soundtrack in the new Christopher Nolan film. Tenet.

After the two joined for ‘The Scots’ earlier this year, Scott also announced that he would be working on a full joint album with Te Kid Kudi.


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