Trump calls for stimulus payments and big economic relief bill to further Republicans’ more limited approach

Trump calls for stimulus payments and big economic relief bill to further Republicans' more limited approach

House Democrats pass in May a Tr 3 trillion bill That would include a new $ 1,200 stimulus test for millions of Americans. But those measures never became law because the White House rejected many other parts of the bill. Senate Republicans, meanwhile, were unable to unify the surroundings One trillion dollar bill in July It also included a second round of stimulus testing, as many of its members opposed the same cost.

So last week, the Senate G.O.P. Tried to move on Approximately બ 300 billion bill without stimulus test, but Senate Democrats blocked it.

Inside Twitter post on WednesdayTrump misrepresented the position of Democrats, saying they don’t want “hearty” people who desperately need money, and it’s not their fault that the plague came from China. Republicans, go for too many numbers, they will all return to the USA anyway (one way or another!). “

Senate Majority Whip John Thun (RSD) said he did not see Trump’s tweet, but said, “I think that means he wants to make a deal.”

“I’m not sure what numbers mean. It probably needs to be translated for us, “Thuen added. “But I know what the threshold is for what we can get for Republican votes in the Senate, and I think if the number goes too high, what can be passed in the Senate will pass with mostly Democrat votes and a handful of Republicans, so it Have to stay in the real range. “

Another Republican in the Senate, Roy Blunt of Missouri, said the deal could happen but he needs an agreement by the end of September.

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Acknowledging that the Senate should be more than the Republican’s tr 1 trillion bill passed in July, he said, “We all need to keep busy finding what we can agree on.”

Blunt pointed to the 1.5 1.5 trillion bill unveiled on Tuesday by the Caucus, which resolves the bilateral issue in the House, which includes provisions to allow it to be made smaller or larger depending on the rate of hospitalization and vaccination.

“Maybe the escalator close concept gives everyone something to be proud of,” Blunt said. “There’s a deal. I think it’s really embarrassing if we don’t figure out how to catch it. “

Congress is scheduled to convene in early October and they must pass a spending bill on October 1 to avoid a government shutdown.

Several attempts to revive economic relief negotiations have failed, and Pelosi recently came under pressure from moderate legislators in a tough re-election race who did not want to get recess for the election without voting on new aid for their constituents.

Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner said Tuesday that the deal could not be finalized after the November election. Trump’s Twitter post on Wednesday indicated that he wanted the matter to be dealt with urgently.

Congress passed, and Trump signed the Care Act in March, sending millions of Americans a check for from 1,200 to try some economic vulnerability. Corona virus Nationwide epidemic. That investigation went to more than 100 million Americans, and Trump indicated Wednesday that he wants to send a second round of such checks, which Democrats have long supported.

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But they couldn’t explain because of other things Democrats want to put into the next relief bill in special state aid that Democrats don’t support in the White House.

The Senate Republican’s nearly billion 300 billion bill includes, among other things, higher unemployment benefits and small-business assistance, but the move did not go ahead as it was. Blocked by Senate Democrats Who called it badly inadequate. House Democrats, meanwhile, are struggling to come together Unified plan For how to negotiate with the White House.

Pelosi has repeatedly said Democrats will relax their May proposal and agree to a more narrow package that was about 2. 2.2 trillion. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Key) said earlier this week that $ 2.2 trillion is still too much.

Despite the pressure Pelosi is now facing, he has shown no willingness to back down and agree to a lower deal.

“We’ve come down, but the needs of the American people – we can only go so far,” Pelosi told MSNBC on Wednesday. “We may not have Sophie’s choice of feeding some children but others, not some people living and others not.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchi, who has been the administration’s chief negotiator, has cited tr 1.5 trillion that the White House may agree to meet.


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