Trump rallied in Nevada to fight for votes in a major war state

Trump rallied in Nevada to fight for votes in a major war state

President Trump Inside a rally came out swinging Saturday evening Nevada.

“As part of the pressure to turn Nevada red in November, the president told a crowd of supporters in Minden, 500 miles south of Reno,” When we win, the main thing is when America wins. “

Trump immediately called Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak a “political hack” after he clashed with Democrats over a rally originally scheduled for an airport hangar in Reno earlier this week. Trump 2020 campaign The governor was forced to cancel due to a limit of 50 people Corona virus.

“The main thing is, America wins when we win.”

– President Trump

The rally was moved to an airport hangar, near Mihden Lake.

State Republicans blamed the governor for trying to undermine Trump’s chances of re-election, but the Reno rally was canceled by airport officials.

“This is the man we are handing over millions of ballots, with uncontrolled ballots, and we want to win these states. Who would believe him? Trump asked the crowd about Sisolak, before suggesting again that Democrats would spoil the election by mail-in ballot. However, the U.S. Postal service and state election officials claim that mail-in voting is safe and secure.

Trump’s speech sparked interest in the Michigan rally with ‘We Love You’.

As part of its ongoing crusade against mail-in voting, advocates for the presidential re-election campaign are urging a federal judge in Las Vegas to block state law and stop the mail-in ballot from going to all active Nevada voters less than eight weeks in advance. Election.

‘It never happened’

Trump told the audience that the Democratic nominee had taken offense at Biden just for advertising a magazine story, saying Trump called members of the service “suckers” and “losers.”

“There’s no one who loves our military, respects them more than I do. There were 25 witnesses on the record who said it never happened,” Trump said of former and current staff members defending his character.

Trump called Biden a “compassionate man” for running the ad. “They’re infamous, but you know the good part, now I can be really evil.”

He added because of the ad, he felt he no longer needed to be “nice”.

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“Biden will not be able to lead our country because he does not really trust our country,” he said. “He’s the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.”

“J Biden will not be able to lead our country because he does not really believe in our country.”

– President Trump

Trump claimed that the Democrat’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Will become president in about a month, if Biden wins, insisting the former vice president will be president and Harris will take power.

He claimed that if the media were only able to stand on the debate stage on September 29, the media would treat Biden “like Winston Churchill.” Slow travel schedule

“Do you know where he is now?” She’s in her cursed basement again! ”

“Do you know where he is now?” She’s in her cursed basement again! ”

– President Trump

The president reiterated that Biden, if elected president, would run the suburbs outside his home, allowing Antifa to enter. “Don’t let them destroy the suburbs!” He told the crowd.

He said Democrats wanted to burn churches while allowing protesters to riot in the streets.

“Biden’s plan is to appease the domestic terrorists and my plan is to catch the domestic terrorists,” he said cheerfully.

A crowd listens as President Donald Trump speaks at a rally at Minden-Taho Airport on Saturday, September 12, 2020, in Mindanao, Nev. (Associated Press)

“It’s the far-left madness that Biden likes his government employees,” he said of the riots.

He said that unlike Biden, he would always stand with “law enforcement heroes”. Trump did not mention any cases of alleged police brutality that sparked protests across the country.

He also suggested that the “phony” vote shows him that there is an attempt to suppress voters by keeping Biden behind.

“My people will not be oppressed!” He told cheerful people.

He told the crowd that he should become a poll worker in November. “It seems so hard to cheat when you people see the polls,” he said with a laugh, adding that Democrats will still find a way to cheat.

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Trump for a visit to California to tolerate welfare

When referring to the list of sensitive Supreme Court judges – in which Sense. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton – Trump calmed down that Biden would be a “radical left maniac” in court.

He said he was going to California on Monday and said everyone’s heart is with the people affected by the wildfire but added that the key to keeping the fire in the bay is “forest management.”

Speaking about renewable energy, the President also expressed concern over wind power and windmills, saying that they kill birds, break down too fast and make fun of windmill-powered electricity if it does not come from the wind. He added that he liked solar power but claimed that it was too expensive.

Trump said the country is “corner rounding” on the coronavirus that has killed more than 190,000 Americans.

“If only Obama and Obama were in this leap, you wouldn’t have had the vaccine for 3 years.” He claims the vaccine could be ready before the end of the year.

However, the FAU disagreed last week that the epidemic was almost over, saying the flu season would make it more difficult to fight the epidemic when Americans need to “hunker down” during the fall and winter.

Trump has referred to him voting better than Hispanics, which is the key to victory in Nevada.

Several thousand people in Mindon covered Tarmac, including 64-year-old Tom Lenz, including Sparks, Neve, who said he did not vote for Trump last time.

“But I will do it this time. I think he knows what he’s doing, “Lenz said. “It is pro-faith, pro-life, it has created more peace in the world. Biden can’t even speak. ”

“Biden has been on the wrong side of history for 47 years,” Trump said, referring to Biden’s vote for the Iraq war in 2003 and the success of his own administration against ISIS.

He said Biden would destroy social security and defenses for pre-existing conditions. (Pre-existing conditions are protected under Obamacare.) He added that Biden wants to provide health care for “illegal aliens” and eliminate school choices.

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“Never forget they come after me because I’m fighting for you!” He told the crowd that in his second term, he would make America the world’s manufacturing leader, bring back jobs, hire police, ban sanctuary cities, and appoint conscientious objectors. “We want law and order. We should have it!” He said.

“We will uphold religious freedom, free speech and the right to own and bear arms,” he said, adding that they would bring the army home and end “endless wars” and put the first woman on the moon.

He said his administration would always teach children to respect the American flag.

“For years you were a president who apologized for America. Now you have a president who, bha that America,” he said, Nov. 3. Reminded the public to vote on. “Together we are taking our country back.”

The president lost Nevada’s six electoral votes by 2 percentage points to Hillary Clinton in 2016, but the campaign has invested heavily in the state to reverse the result.

Nevada has not voted for a Republican president since 2004.

“Democrats are terrified. They know President Trump’s pace, “said Michael MacDonald, chairman of the state’s GOP.

Some Democrats are concerned about Trump’s potential benefits in Nevada, including President Latinos and non-college-educated white voters, showing growing support for two of the state’s most important constituencies.

The president plans to host “Latino for Trump” in Las Vegas on Sunday morning, followed by an evening rally at the production facility in neighboring Henderson.

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Trump also scheduled a high-dollar fundraiser in Las Vegas this weekend, where couples were asked for, 150,000 to join.

The president is on a visit to Arizona after Sunday, and will be hit by a wildfire in California on Monday.

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