TV stars Stacey Solomon and the same Swash holiday Holidays in Rushire

TV stars Stacey Solomon and the same Swash holiday Holidays in Rushire

When the celebrity couple Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon came to stay at the luxury Radornshire vacation spot, there was a couple of famous visitors over the weekend.

The couple, with their three children, spent the weekend in the picturesque Allen Valley, staying in one of the Lords of Holiday Wales in holiday-type hobby houses.

In the Galilees-based homes between Ryhadar and St. Harmon, a total of 15 properties are proud, with on offer family vacations and romantic weekend getaways with stunning views of the Allen Valley and the Cambrian Mountains.

The company styles itself as a luxurious glaming accommodation, offering many unique options for couples and families, including shepherd’s huts, pods and hobby houses – where you can find a little bit of Middle Earth in the Mid Wales.

The couple traveled to Paviz to celebrate the 31st birthday of Loose Woman Penalist and former X Factor rival Stacey.

It came as a complete surprise to the presenter, who was born in Degenham, who thought that she would let the children go on a weekend with her and her children. And she was clearly delighted with the change in scenery as she posted multiple pictures and videos on her 3..7 million Instagram followers.

Alan Valley. Picture by Joy David-Pritchard.

Stacey said in a post on her Instagram Stories, “It was really magical and the people who run them were very kind and friendly, always answering any questions and helping us with updates on places to go, food and government regulations.” Were coming. ”

“I honestly believe that people’s businesses deserve what they share when they are exceptional.”

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As well as enjoying their comfortable and luxurious accommodations, Stacey and J – I – both past winners of a celebrity … get me out of here! – Spent the weekend exploring their surroundings, including a “breathable” demo in nearby Allen Valley and a walk to the popular Water Break It Neck Falls near New Rednor.

Stacey added: “If you ever find yourself in this part of the world you have to visit a waterfall called Water Break It Neck in Rednor Forest, so it was so beautiful.

“The Allen Valley bonds were amazing.”

Holiday Wales offers visitors four shepherd huts and four hobby houses – as well as many other options. This fantastic self-catering lodge is complete with WiFi and all the modern conveniences, including your own patio and hot tub, nestled in all of the Red Rinshire hills with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.


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