Udo Lindenberg is now a Scottish lord

Schottischer Titel: Udo Lindenberg darf sich jetzt Lord nennen.

From singer to lord: Udo Lindenberg may hold the Scottish title lord in the future.

For his 76th birthday on Tuesday, his team gave him a small plot of land in Scotland, as announced by the tour organizer. According to the old Scottish law, the singer became Lord Lindenberg.

Udo Lindenberg is now a Scottish lord

“Lord Lindenberg cannot build a castle on his property, mind you.” The piece of land is only ten by ten meters. But it serves a good purpose – the sale of land finances the maintenance of a nature reserve. The singer, who lives in Hamburg’s “Atlantic Hotel”, will not turn his back on it anytime soon and settles in Scotland.

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According to the announcement, Udo Lindenberg is planning a trip to his estate in Scotland. First, the cult singer is planning a tour of Germany. He will give his first concert in Schwerin on 24 May, two days before there will also be a public dress rehearsal. (mp/dpa)

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