UK elections, voting in Scotland and London: what voting says

UK elections, voting in Scotland and London: what voting says

The uk Kovid continues to look forward after dark months of emergency 6 May Which will be the day of the 2021 round of local elections where you vote for the renewal of 145 municipal councils.

Seats in many places were to be opened last year, but the epidemic chose to postpone Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Similar to the choice taken in Italy, where the 2021 administrative elections are moved to next autumn.

The most awaited appointment is London, Where outgoing Labor mayor Sadiq Khan will seek a second term, with Conservative elected to Sean Bailey.

In addition to local elections, the United Kingdom will also vote on 6 May Scotland And in Wells For the renewal of local parliaments. A vote where the epidemic is going on can be of considerable weight.

For me Survey In London, Mayor Khan should be able to defeat Bailey by a large turnout, while in Scotland the PNS will benefit Labor as well in Wales despite a withdrawal by the Conservatives.

Local elections in Britain

6 May Polling stations to open at 7 am (local time) The uk For local elections, with the conduct of voting, which will run until 10 o’clock at night. Due to the rules imposed by the Kovid Emergency, the counting may proceed at a slower rate than in the past, the results of which should be reported only on Friday.

In detail, we will vote for the renewal of 145 municipal councils that affect a total of 28 million citizens. The most awaited appointment is undoubtedly London, But there will also be a vote to elect the new mayor Liverpool I Bristol.

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According to the election of London, the first citizen outgoing in the elections has an advantage Sadiq Khan Which, according to a survey Yougov On April 1, voting should be greater than Shaun Bailey With 66% of the votes.

advertisement Hartpool Instead they will vote for supplementary elections. Conservatives, always regarded as a Labor Fortress, are now also thankful for the success of the vaccination campaign, which undoubtedly restored talent for the Tories and Prime Minister Boris Johnson following a dispute over the management of the Emergency in the United Kingdom.

Voting in Scotland and Wales

Also on May 6, there will be a vote to choose one of the 129 Scottish Parliament. An appointment with meaning, envisaged a new referendum on independence due to Brexit.

According to the elections, A. Scottish National Party Outgoing prime minister Nikola Sturgeon I will lead with 48% with Conservatives I would get ahead of it Labour.

Fonte europe election

PNS is one of the major sponsors of a new referendum on independence. Voting on another 30 April Tablebase, Will indicate as 52% of Scots now favor farewell to London.

Me too Wells They will vote to elect 60 members of the local Parliament of Parades. Labour Welsh Prime Minister’s Mark drakeford They will still remain in the lead despite the fall in elections.

Fonte europe election

Looking at the survey, attributed the growth ConservativesWhile local party Plume simru It will be stable. In Wales as well as in Scotland, there is a purely majority electoral law: whoever takes one more vote, gets a seat.

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