“Ultrasound on stage with parents only”

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How to punish A group of ultrasound Which is an “unacceptable behavior” in the home stadium stand?

There is a club in which a particular solution has been found: Unless they are with parents, forbid them from entering the facility. The classiest of notes in the diary of an undisciplined student which becomes an official statement signed by the President.

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Fort viam post twin screen

Club under consideration is Fort william That militates in Scottish Highland League, Fifth Scottish Division. A semi-professional team collected solidarity primacy and adjectives in August 2019 ‘Britain’s Worst Team’ After finishing the season with two winners 840 days with a negative streak of 73 games and a negative goal difference of 221 goals.

Now he is not sailing in better water, but it is clear that his The fans Are not helping the team in terms of Support. This is how “unacceptable behavior” occurred at Clagon Park (Fort William Stadium) Peter murphy The press release shocked everyone: “After the unacceptable behavior of a group of ultrasounds in several matches this season, we have decided to ban this group from participating in their home games. They will be able to enter only when the parents are together ”.

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