Underground fire brings fear and destruction to Scotland, citizens call for lava to stop

Underground fire brings fear and destruction to Scotland, citizens call for lava to stop

In County Ayrshire, Scotland, it’s not just the temperatures that get hot. In fact, the locals fear that their children’s lives may be in danger after that. Earth is split in a Scottish sphere, revealing an ominous underground fire. In the bizarre cutscene, a red-hot, red-hot cavity can be seen in the ground near a former trailer park.

The incredible clip shows molten rock visible through a patch of burnt grass, despite last week’s sub-zero temperatures. you can also see plumes of smoke Burnt is pouring out of cracks in the earth, but the area is not isolated.

Residents stunned by the decision fear that, without certain precautions, one could die, be swallowed or burn from the dangerous pit. As explained by The Sun, one of the civilians reportedly said: “I didn’t know it was so dangerous. It’s so risky that if the ground collapses, someone may even die.” Another said: “It’s ridiculous that without proper monitoring the soil can continue to burn like this.” And a third described how a disaster could happen if young people, inspired by an underground flame, came too close to the ground, thus giving way to the other side.

Panic prevails in Ayrshire

According to the reports received from Surya, the cause of unpleasant and bizarre incident will be coal mine fire Which has been burning for years. Tom Patton, 39, told Ayrshire Live: “It’s been a steady fire over the past three and a half years. No matter how cold, when we have snow it melts quickly and gets worse in the summer months. Is “.

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In short, the fear of someone being killed is strongly felt by the population: “The smell is powerful; If you get too close to the pitch you can hear the ground burning” – Continued Roofing -” The pieces of land have now turned to dust‘Falling inside the crack’, which only gets bigger with time. “It’s more than a big field, the size of a football field and it’s only getting bigger.”

The head of the council is aware of the problem. A spokesman for the local authority said: “East Ayrshire Council was first notified of the problem last summer”. Since then, the authorities have spoken with the landlord and coal authority, a non-departmental public body of the UK Government sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategies.

“The council is aware of proper security measures including fencing around the affected area, but unfortunately it has since removed by unknown persons“- the spokesperson added -” the Council will continue to engage with relevant parties to ensure the fulfillment of their respective obligations and, in the meantime, strongly advise citizens to avoid the area”.


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