Unicorn symbol of scotland

Unicorn symbol of scotland

Of TwelfthI From the century to the present – Great Britain – clutched in chains on the coat of arms of the United Kingdom, this magnificent animal has long been the embodiment of Scottish power.

When you think of Scotland and all the cultural symbols, legends and rich heritage of this country, what do you think of first? Thistle, perhaps, the famous tartan, the iconic bagpipes, or even the loop ness monster. All of this is appropriate, certainly, but there is yet another, mysterious, eye-catcher, a mythical creature that has been associated with Scotland as a national symbol for centuries: the unicorn.

The unicorn was and still is a creature with tremendous symbolism, an embodiment of purity and innocence, power and cruelty. Throughout history, unicorns have heard the stories of many civilizations. There are also accounts in the Chronicle, where witnesses have reported seeing a horned creature, which would have resembled this animal.

In ancient traditions, from Persians to Egyptians and Indians to Greeks, we often find descriptions of this creature with magical connotations. Even the Bible mentions a baptized animal. “Ream”, The latter is associated with the Unicorn. If it does not appear in countless Greek mythologies, it is cited by philosophers and writers, who were convinced of its existence. Greek geographer Strabo claimed that these creatures lived in the Caucasus region, while others believed they lived in India. Wherever they may have been, A.


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History journal Historic UK is an online publication of the site, dedicated to the history of the United Kingdom, with its first edition dating back to 2000. Not without humor, the magazine says it wants to dedicate itself “All these strange stories,


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