UOL Group Achievements

Avenue south residence site is the most popular residence in Singapore and there are many opportunities present in the residence. In April 2018, the analysts had an ‘underwhelming’ outcome of the tender. Any MRT stations are available in the residence industry and there are no residential developments available in the residence. Some of the launches are creating a great impact on the market. The UOL group formed the tripartite for these residences. Renowned property developers are one of the major shareholders of the united overseas bank and they also contain the 3 financial institutes in Singapore. It possesses extensive real estate and it comprises commercial properties, hotels, and residential and other services apartments as well. The prime areas are located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and different overseas markets. Recently it was presented in the United Kingdom. Based on the financial data, the UOL group had a total of $20 billion of assets. In 1963, the United Industrial Corporation limited the residences. And they subsequently want the public back in the year 1969.


Core Business of UIC


The core business is mainly for property developments and larger investments. It had many major shareholders in the real estate development group and Singapore land limited in 1990. After a long back, an impressive portfolio comprised 5 million square feet. The retail place had millions of square feet in Singapore alone. The most impressive residential developments are much new construction in the central business district of Singapore. UIC had successful ventures overseas in major cities such as London, Beijing, and Shanghai. The avenue south residence floor plan has many features. 

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Kheng Leong Company


Avenue south residence has many fellow partners at silent avenue off is present in the real estate industry. The international spice and trading commodity began in 1949. The ever-changing business and financial landscape are keeping the major firms. And it is established in many of the biggest cities in the Asia-pacific region. The base office is set by the Kheng Leong private company and the potential growth is present in china. It seeks the opportunities of the compelling investment. To get more information, contact +65 6100-7757.


Location of the South Avenue Residence


Avenue south residence is located on silent avenue and it is just opposite the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. Furthermore, District 3 has many home buyers and boxes in the residence. The unique lifestyle is given by these residences. Rich history and heritage are filled in the Tiong Bahru estate and the Kampong Bahru is always filled with a rich history. Many supermarkets are available in this residence and this residence is filled with restaurants, theaters, and a wide range of retail stores. There are many key benefits given in these residences. Within 10 minutes, we easily reach the main laces from the residences. Singapore’s history is surrounded by 1,000 hectares of land and other benefits. Waterfront living experience is given by these residences. Developers are planning the mega project for their business growth. An absolute breeze is travelling to the western and northern regions of Singapore in the entry points of the central expressway.  

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