Utterson photographer shows Scotland like a picture book

Utterson photographer shows Scotland like a picture book

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Utterson photographer shows Scotland like a picture book

Dramatic skies, spectacular landscapes: Photographer Björn Sieg captures the best shots from his trip to Scotland in black and white.

Photo: Bjorn Sieg / HA

During his travels in the north of the British Isles, Björn Sieg took spectacular photographs. His can be seen in the town hall of the city.

Utterson. This is an Anglo-Saxon dream in black and white: a new show from Wednesday Exhibition in Utterson Town Hall “Scotland” – at its best. Utterson’s man responsible for atmospheric recording Photographer Bjorn Seego, His photographs can be seen in the foyer of Wassermühlenstrae 7 until 26 August. The show will open with Vernissage on Wednesday at 7 pm.

This is already the third exhibition for photographers at the Utterson Town Hall. “I want to thank the city of Utterson for this,” Sieg says. In 2017 he completed his photo design studies at ibkk in bochum along with his job with diploma. His diploma thesis with photographs from Namibia was the first show shown in his hometown in 2018.

Now he was on a photo safari much further north. His photography study trip took him to Scotland in August 2020. “I have traveled to the cities of Edinburgh, Aberfeldy, St Andrews, Pitlocree, Stonehaven, Inverness, Fort Augustus and Portree on the Isle of Skye.” On the way he stopped at Oban and Glasgow. “Many historical places with lots of history were on this path,” Sieg says. Places like Dunnotar Castle or Eilean Dunan Castle, the mysterious Loch Ness, the wooded highlands or the picturesque fjords on the Isle of Skye.

Along the way, many photographs were taken of the towns, but above all the landscapes. Therefore, mainly panorama images can be seen in this exhibition. “I present my work in black and white – old school, but shot digitally.” But this is not the only project of the photographer. Sieg is also represented with his work “Nordsee 2” at the 7th regional show “Wire über Uns” in Drosti in Pinneberg.

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