Vaccination passport to be effective in Scotland from October


The Scottish Parliament on Thursday voted to introduce Covid-19 vaccination certificates for access to nightclubs and certain events, becoming the first country in Britain to adopt such a measure.

Scotland’s Health Minister Hamza Youssef said before a vote in Edinburgh that the measure, which will come into effect from 1 October, aims to curb the rise in Covid-19 cases attributed to returning to school and to ease restrictions linked to the pandemic. Avoid starting. . “We do not wish to re-impose any restrictions that have been in place for most of this year as we all know how harmful they are to business, education and people’s well-being. But we have to stop the increase in cases“, she pleaded.

encourage immunization of youth

Coronavirus vaccination certificates will be required to enter nightclubs, concerts and attend some football matches. A smartphone application will allow digital monitoring of vaccination status.

According to the Health Minister, the introduction of the Vaccination Passport will encourage youth to get vaccinated against the virus. “We want to make sure as many people as possible get vaccinated and increase the vaccination rate, especially among young people, so anything that pushes (for vaccinations) helps.“, did he declare.

Boris Johnson’s government has indicated it is considering such a measure to restrict access to nightclubs and stadiums in England but no concrete announcement has yet been made.

Number of cases doubled in four weeks

Each UK constituent nation has jurisdiction over anti-COVID restrictions. Like England, Scotland lifted most restrictions this summer, following a long winter lockdown, based on the success of the British vaccination campaign. But the trend isvery disturbing“Eight days ago, pro-independence Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned, in four weeks the number of cases multiplied by five and the positivity rate rose from 5% to 11.5%.

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The United Kingdom reports about 134,000 deaths from Covid-19 overall, with the number of cases exceeding 30,000 per day, but the number of hospitalizations (7,700 patients in all) and deaths (about 100) per day) is much less than the previous. Wave’s.


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