VI Nation: France Scotland, bow to the Holy Welsh!

VI Nations : La France s'incline face à l'Ecosse, les Gallois sacrés !

The task was difficult for the Tricolors before challenging the Scottish Wall. In the 80-minute battle, Fabienne Galthey’s men had to record a third of the total attempts by fifteen du Chardon in 720 minutes, that is to say, during the Scots’ final nine on Six Nations. And in the 2021 edition, Finn Russell and his cronies also posted the best defense with a small liability of 68 points. So, what to do in the Blues’ head: not carrying the ball too much or rushing towards the attack at all costs to prevent the Welsh from becoming sanctified? Following an early penalty from Ntamack, Scotland bombarded the Blues’ hopes through a powerful ball by Van der Merwe, flattened in two stages (3-7). At the end of the first period, Habs covered his rugby when Bryce Dulin got himself a jump pass from DuPont (1300). The people of Fabian Galthy had faced the Scots’ aggression before reversing the trend and forcing the Scots to play for 14 to ten minutes after returning from the locker room.

And the French took advantage after a break on the Blues’ relay started by Dulin, flattened in-goal and relayed by Wakatawa and finished by Penaud (18-10). But XV du Chardon had the resources and returned to the trade through an attempt given to Cherry (18–20). On one occasion. The second line Ribbadj still gave hope to the Blues but van der Merwe brought the final touch (23-25). Four attempts and more than 20 points away from XV du Chardon: The equation is not solved by the blues. Wales achieved 39th success in the tournament.

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