Video. This is what we miss Rugby: The Scots’ incredible comeback in a hot Twinchanum

VIDEO. Ce rugby qui nous manque : l'incroyable comeback des Ecossais dans un Twickenham bouillant

This Saturday, Scotland challengesEngland In the lair of his Twenhikam. Since 1990, the victory of Highland players in English can be counted on the fingers of one hand. To see a Scottish win on English soil in the tournament, you have to go back to 1983. Another era. Not sure if the Calcutta Cup will return to Edinburgh this Saturday … but you never know because rugby can provide us with an incredible landscape. It was not so long ago that Gregor Townsend’s men proved it by making an unsurpassed comeback on the Twinkle lawn. Led 31 to 0 after 31 minutes of play, they achieved what none of the third-party teams had achieved so far: Delay of more than 24 points. So much so that in the final moments of the game, they had a historic win.

Nowell (2nd), Curry (9th), Launchbury (13th) and May (29th) had already allowed England to win the offensive bonus just before half an hour. And if McMolley had lowered the mark before Lemon, that did not bode well for the visitors. And then it was the second period and it was the Scottish Dance Festival. Graham twice (47th, 57th), Bradbury (50th) and Russell (60th) Points everywhere from 31-7 to 31-31! Scotland also won an offensive bonus in passing. With 20 minutes left to play, anything was possible. The Strike was first attacked by Johnson (76th). a exam Which had an air of success. But on a final action after playing for over 83 minutes in a heated stadium, the English broke the Scots’ hearts, so that the draw was easily snatched by Ford with a test by them.

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