Visiting the Isles of Scotland: Advice from Our Reporter

Visiting the Isles of Scotland: Advice from Our Reporter

1, Orkney Islands: the leap from 5500 years ago

Embark on a journey back in time to discover the “Heart of the Neolithic,” from Skara Brae to Ness of Brodgar orkney », UNESCO site. Kristian Cooper, of Sea Kayaks 59° North, renews the style with exploring the remnants of the beach in one of his kayaks. For permanent stay, you can rent camping car Lightning in JP Orkney.; Rentals, (120€/d)

2, Origin: Marine Odyssey

The island is at the center of a marine fauna observation course inaugurated in 2019. Once you’ve downloaded the Hebridian Dolphin and Whale Trust’s app and maps (free), the link behind the itinerary, all you have to do is head for the viewpoints where you can see dolphins, porpoises and other marine life. You can see animals. Sea voyages with Sea Life Survey, from May to September.; (€20/per.)

3 / Skye: A Fossil Hunter’s Paradise

in pictures, in pictures Skye, Shetland, Orkney, Ulva… these wonderful Scottish islands

Also the most beautiful of the Scottish Isles An Ancient Paradise for Dinosaurs, At the mesmerizing Staffin Museum in Elishader, fossil hunters Dugald and Carolyn Ross happily share their tips for helping visitors find the footprints themselves. For a chic immersion in rural skies, there’s a hotel-restaurant on a farm with three chimneys, whitewashed walls to the north of the island.; (from €300 per double room, Scottish breakfast included)

4 / Ulva: Land of the Fanatics

he is so close original That we can see his silhouette from the road, before boarding the little ferry that crosses in less than a minute. Ulva In 2018 it was bought by the local community to protect it from the population. from them Both (Free Access Refuge) are available to visitors. The History and Ethnographic Museum, housed in a traditional thatched-roof house, will open in the summer of 2021.

5 / Shetlands: Vikings of Fire

Every last Tuesday in January, a torch procession takes place in the capital Lervik, and about ten other cities in the archipelago, on the occasion of Up Heli Aa, a festival that celebrates Scandinavian heritage. shetland, Highlight: Nocturnal parade in which a crowd disguised as Vikings, wielding axes, sets fire to a replica longship.

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6 / Lewis and Harris: The Making of Heroes

Harris tweed, dyed and hand-spun virgin wool, is no longer made here on the Isle of Lewis and Harris. An ancestral craft in complete reincarnation. To treat yourself to a shawl, scarf, beret or bag, head to the Harris area in the south of the island, the Harris Tweed Isle of Harris, in Tarbert, The Harris Tweed Company Grossebe or even Borisdale Tweed.; ; borisdale.scott

7/Gigha: Rich in Iodine

The islet should make waves in 2021 with the opening of Kintyre 66, a roadway that winds along the Kintyre Peninsula. Gigha is one of the main attractions: a wild pebble, lesser known, five kilometers (20 min. by ferry) from the coast. While on the spot, don’t miss to taste the local fish products, especially the halibut cooked in butter.; Ferry : ; Restaurant Boathouse, (22 €/plat)

8/Monach Islands: Seals Abundant

Every fall, a crush happens: More than 10,000 gray seals climb ashore to mate and give birth. And make up one of the largest colonies on the planet.
Excursions (prices per passenger):,

9 / Raase: still in vapor

It is the size and shape of Manhattan, but has only 161 residents. Rasay Island is above all a rising destination for whiskey lover And Gin: The Isle of Rasse Distillery, which opened in 2014, will open its first single malt in April. The distillery offers six rooms with ocean view and elevationIsle of Skye, across the Bay of Scones. (200€/night).

10 / Jura: The Dream of a Thebaid

In this fascinating area, in the 1940s, British author George Orwell wrote his famous 1984. At that time, he was looking for a very remote place to live in peace. With 6,000 deer for a hundred inhabitants, the island hasn’t changed much. Stay for lovers of solitude at a secluded cottage (up to eight people) in Barnhill to the north. If there is no other room, go to the Jura Hotel, which organizes deer sighting excursions.
Cottages from €1,100/week; Room from €125/night

In pictures: Skye, Shetland, Orkney, Ulva… these wonderful Scottish islands

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