Wander the Tolkeen Forest in Scotland under the spell of hermitage, autumn and foliage

Wander the Tolkeen Forest in Scotland under the spell of hermitage, autumn and foliage

it is autumn ‘Foliage’ season And the magic of its colors, the magic that is in the forest Scotland Takes on a very special charm. Touring these places is a bit like entering the fairy tale, lighting the trees with the rays of the sun and caressing Red, orange, yellow and brown leaves. Scotland, the land of legends and enchanted timber where it is possible to take day trips starting from the nearest city, but to spend a few more days in the various accommodation facilities of the Scottish countryside to experience nature in depth.

Trekking in Tolkein forest

The goal is to begin with inverness Balindalok MahalPassing over the bridge over the River Avon, was built in 1754 and which once represented the entrance to the palace and where you can see the MacPherson-Grant coat of arms inside which the motto of the inquisitive family is engraved: “Cat does not touch a cat” (“Do not touch the cat without gloves”).
The answer that is supposed to be One of the most romantic and famous Scottish castles There is a large tree-lined avenue that is a real blast of autumn colors at this time of year. Obviously, before leaving this a wonderful destination, one must pay for the trip Glenlive Distillery, Where water becomes whiskey. A tour of the distillery lasts for about 1 hour, thanks to the passion of those who work there every day, you can learn how to prepare whiskey, from raw material collection to aging.


Moves back to Aberdeen and time

Another destination not far Aberdeen Walking through the ancient cedar forests of Caledonia offers the opportunity to go back in time. The presence of graved pine cones is a clear indication that you are in the ‘realm’ of red squirrels and not too far from where the river Dee flows, also of the beaver and wild salmon. We are in Mar Lodge Estate, A property of about 29,000 hectares of marshland and deodar forests.
gives De kay lin, Where the river passes through the dark rocks, many paths pass through Runs very ‘easy’ level, But which causes close contact with an incredible nature full of autumn colors.
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Hermitage, a fairytale forest

Located a few kilometers from Perth, Dunkeld is not far from the city Hermitage forest, Ideal for a fairy tale forest excursion. A forest of huge trees, the tallest in Britain, one of them is located more than 60 meters away. A scenario called Also inspired the stories of JRR Tolkien. These giants are seen around the magnificent waterfalls of the Bran River and a spectacle of colors. Two recommended routes: Leading to a bridge with a panoramic view of a small falls, the second, now about an hour, allows you to cross the forest to discover enchanting views.


Perth and Ellen Forest

Even in the Perth region, Scene of the queen It is a breathtaking view named after a queen: some say that Queen Victoria is the first wife of Robert I of Scotland, in honor of Isabella.
This place offers an incredible view beyond the royal disputes. Loop tammeNature, which surrounds it, in autumn, is dressed in wonderful colors. From here you can reach here Forest Where to choose two paths. Clachan trail Which, through the forest, leads to a ruined agricultural settlement, while Ring fort trail A circular fort surrounded by larch and cedar trees leads to the ruins.
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Where to sleep and where to dine between Perth and Aberdeen

Of course, interesting to these amazing places, but after being “demanding”, it is perfect to relax your weary limbs and pamper your palate.
Housing facilities are very different, both in terms of solutions and prices, both in the Perth region and in the Aberdeen region, but generally throughout Scotland.
The choice of bed and breakfast It is ideal to experience the Scottish experience as a whole, as well as trying out food and of course beer. Pub and inn They offer specialty dishes including the famous Haggis.
Photo courtesy: visitcotland.com

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