Watch tonight with Sarah B starting her new life in the country on Channel 4

Watch tonight with Sarah B starting her new life in the country on Channel 4

Good encouragement, new property is coming to the TV screen tonight from Somerset for adventure.

In an eight-part series on Channel 4, the popular real estate broadcaster has uprooted his family on a move from London to South Somerset.

Along with her husband Graham Swift and their four sons, Sarah Bruton will turn a dilapidated 1970s farmhouse into a rural decoration.

Sarah and Graham acquired Channel 4 screens, replacing the last crushing East Yorkshire mansion, Rise H, at the wedding venue.

They sold Rise Hall and their London home to buy their new dairy farm dig in Somerset.

Sarah Benny and family.

Sarah said: “I think I have always enjoyed change and mountain challenges and moved our whole family’s folk stock and barrels from one country to another and have definitely rediscovered our whole life.

“I am very aware of how lucky I am to be able to do something like this, but it has been a life-changing experience.

“Ultimately I believe you only live once and if you can make a dream come true you should try and go on that path if you can.”

The family relocated to a 220-acre Somerset farmland earlier this year and the show will transform into their modern, carbon-neutral, miniature manor house.

Sarah Benny and family.

The first episode sees Sarah and Graham panicking as they wait for the Somerset Planning Authority to approve the plan. Given the extension of the show’s eight episodes, it will likely be given, allowing both Sarah and Graham to get on with the actual work at home and on the field.

Sarah and Graham plan to landscape parts of the vast property and allow other parts of it to grow into a rebuilding project to support the farm’s biodiversity.

Sarah hoped to keep bees and chickens on the property and support local businesses by purchasing products ranging from cheese and chili to cedar.

Kate Thomas, the commissioning editor of Channel 4, said: “This sunny, escapist and very good series comes directly to the dreams of the day, which is all gone now.

“Longing for a simple and slow way of life. Ga Clo contact with family and a more meaningful relationship with nature. There’s a real echo of these things right now, and Sarah and her family guiding them on their own journey (which has a few terrible challenges along the way!) I hope our audience feels both relaxed and inspired. “

Laura Mansfield, MD of Outline Productions, the show’s production company, said: “For anyone who dreams of leaving the city or thinking of building a new one for a new life in the country, this series provides an entertaining and inspiring account of what reality is. Like .. “

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