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(Ex) Scottish CMO Catherine Calderwood, Number 10 aide Dominic Cummings and (ex) government scientist Neil Ferguson all broke the lockdown

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier is the latest high-profile to break the coronavirus rules.

But what did she do and how does she compare to other rule-breakers in the political world?

SNP for Margaret Ferrier, Ratherglen and Hamilton West. MP

Saturday 26 September

Rutherland and Hamilton West MPs M.S. Ferrier began to experience his “mild symptoms” Corona virus Afternoon and took an exam. It is not clear where she was at the time.

Monday 28 September

Mrs Ferrier said she “felt very good” so took a train to London.

That evening, he gave a four-minute speech in the House of Commons during a discussion on coronavirus.

At some point she got a positive result from the test but it is not clear if this was before or after her parliamentary address.

Tuesday 29 September

Mrs Ferrier said she boarded the train in the morning without consulting but began to separate when she arrived in Glasgow.

Wednesday 30 September

Two days after reporting a positive test, he was diagnosed with SNP. Party officials said they did not know at this stage that he had taken the exam before traveling to London.

Sir Lindsay Howell, Speaker of the Commons, was also called and contact tracing began.

Thursday 1 October

Mrs Ferrier reported herself to police in Scotland and released a statement saying she was “I’m so sorry for my mistake.” And admitting that she should be in solitude while waiting for the result of her exam.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has been awarded the M.S. The whip was suspended from Ferrer and party officials said they had realized he had taken an exam before leaving for parliament and had returned to Scotland knowing he had tested positive.

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Scotland’s first prime minister, Nicola Sturgeon, condemned his actions as “absolutely uncertain”, but did not announce his dismissal, despite mounting calls for Ms Ferrier to leave.

Others who have found themselves in the spotlight due to lockdown rules:

Jeremy Corbyn

The former Labor leader attended a dinner with eight others, breaking the “six rule”, which limits the number of people attending social gatherings.

He later apologized “for my mistake.”

Stanley Johnson

The prime minister’s father said he was “Very sorry” After showing off shopping in West London without wearing a face on September 29, several weeks after they became mandatory.

Dominic Cummings

The prime minister’s closest ally went to Durham in March, 260 miles from where he lives in London – people were instructed to stay home.

At the time he was recovering from coronavirus symptoms, but, despite vowing to resign, he Said he has behaved “fairly” And he has no regrets.

Professor Neil Ferguson

Scientific Resigned in May From her role as chief girlfriend counselor she admitted that she had fixed the rules of social distance by meeting her boyfriend at her home.

Scotland Yard said his behavior was “clearly disappointing” but did not penalize him because he had “taken responsibility”.

Catherine Calderwood Dr

Scotland’s chief medical officer broke the lockdown twice in April, visiting his second home more than an hour from his main residence in Edinburgh.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wanted it to be but that Eventually resigned.

Robert Genrick

Secretary of Housing, Communities and Local Government Traveled more than an hour Visiting her parents in April when everyone else was told to stay home.

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Mr Genrick was also criticized for traveling 150 miles from his London property to his Herefordshire home from where he had moved to his parents’ home in Shropshire.

He insisted that he deliver food and medicine to his different parents.

Stephen Kinok

MP for Abravan in South Wales He traveled to celebrate his father’s 78th birthday March 28, at the start of the lockdown.

His father is former Labor leader Neil Kinnock.

After Mr Kinnock posted a photo on Twitter of him practicing social distance with his parents outside his home, South Wales police responded: “We know that celebrating your father’s birthday is a beautiful thing, although this is not a necessary trip.”


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