What does Brexit mean for visits to England and Scotland

What does Brexit mean for visits to England and Scotland

Will Brexit affect UK travel? Here you can find information for vacation in England or Scotland – all about immigration, flights and roaming.

Many vacanters who are planning a trip to Great Britain are turbulent. As announced by the German tour operator in January, package tours to England or Scotland are also often less booked.

But will change with the exit of the European Union
Great britain
, Which happened on January 31, 2020, anything for the trip? Here you get the most important information.

Great Britain Travel After Brexit: Is ID Card Enough For Entry?

After Brexit, there will be a transition phase by the end of 2020, during which nothing will change for the holidays. This means that EU citizens can still enter the country with only an identity card. The British government has already announced that this may change from 2021. She wants to discover and announce a new regulation during the current year.

Something changes in border controlThe

Since Great Britain was not part of the Schengen Agreement, there were already border controls for EU citizens. Brexit will not change that.

Flights to England or Scotland: After Brexit, passengers retain their rights in the event of cancellation or delay

Nothing will change the flight connection to Great Britain in 2020, the German Travel Association (DRV) announced. A comprehensive air transport agreement is required for the subsequent time.

In any case, the British government has assured that passengers will be able to implement EU passenger law in the event of a flight cancellation or delay, according to the European Consumer Center. This means that regulations on potential compensation also apply.

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Travel insurance is recommended

The Insurance Association of Insurance always advises that travelers take private health insurance abroad. This includes a return transport to Germany if it should become necessary for health reasons.

By the end of 2020, the German health insurance company will also cover medical services in Great Britain. To do this, a “European Health Insurance Card” must be presented, which is usually behind the general insurance card.

Brexit: Roaming Charges in England or Scotland?

In 2020, travelers to Germany will not have to pay any fees to travel in England or Scotland. Whether or not that change in 2021 depends on the provider concerned. They can decide if they continue to consider Great Britain as a territory of the European Union.

Telecom and Vodafone have already indicated that they want to pay roaming charges in Great Britain after 2020. Telefonica (O2), on the other hand, is open to levy such charges from 2021. (with dpa)

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