What is the CO2 vacuum cleaner being developed by Scottish researchers?

What is the CO2 vacuum cleaner being developed by Scottish researchers?

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09:58, November 01, 2021

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh Laboratory are installing state-of-the-art technology to achieve the “0 CO2 emissions” objective desired by the government by 2045. Thanks to a giant vacuum cleaner, they hope to eventually be able to absorb a quarter of UK carbon. emissions

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It is no coincidence that Scotland is home to COP26. Feather, The region is particularly ambitious on climate and the Scottish government wants to achieve the “0 CO2 emissions” objective by 2045. To achieve this, it is specifically focusing on a cutting-edge technology: the suction of CO2 into the air.

It is a large stainless steel pipe, in the shape of a U, that is pressed against the wall of the laboratory. It measures four meters wide and two meters high. The device, created by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, captures air from one end, and brings it out from the other…without the CO2. This is explained by Matthew Luquaaud, the teacher-researcher behind this prototype. “We pass air that we put into contact with a liquid and this liquid only absorbs the CO2 contained in the air”, he explains.

need for renewable energy

When it is fully developed, the installation will turn into CO2 reservoirs near old oil wells north of Edinburgh. “Scotland has very favorable geological wells in the North Sea, so the idea would be to place these CO2 vacancies next to existing pipelines that connect the Scottish network to these geological storage wells”, the researcher continues.

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By 2050, these vacuum cleaners are expected to absorb a quarter of UK carbon emissions. But to make them work, it would take a lot of renewable energy: about 20% of the national output, according to other researchers at the university.


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