Where to find castles, warrior queens and fairies in Scotland?

Where to find castles, warrior queens and fairies in Scotland?

“It is complicated to separate the mythology in the sky from history,” says Syrian Stormunt, a tour guide. “I’m sure there must have been a woman named Skach, but how [son histoire] is it true? We do not know. “

It has a shape with a wing of Ravana that extends from the northwest coast to the Hybridian Sea.Scotland, The sky is a scene of natural spectacle where legends have been played like sketches for centuries. It is the perfect place for tales of warriors and witches, with its perilous mountains, trenches, ramshackling waterfalls and shores littered by the realms. All these elements bear witness to a violent and barbaric past. In fact, the climate on Scotland’s second largest island is as dramatic as its landscape and changes in the blink of an eye, like a god’s whims. Eventually, his nickname, “Isle of Mists”, did not coincidentally come to him.

“Celtic nations have a legacy [culturel] Rich in stories, ”Stormunt explains. “Take the fairies: They have served as justification for centuries for some strange event that people did not understand, such as disease. Right or wrong, it was a way of protecting ourselves from the dangers of the world.”

In the sky, whether it is legends or the actual facts, everything looks fantastic.

Earth language

To Duncan House, A craftsman, Garth Duncan, at the exit of the road leading to the village of Elgol, reveals his adorned Celtic gems: all brooches, badges and rings adorned with intricate and beech patterns. Originated from though United States of americaIn a country where he learned to work for money, Mr. Duncan settled permanently in Skye nearly twenty years ago, guided by family ties to ancestors. He said, “My father has Scottish roots.” One day, I noticed this and realized that I wanted to keep these ancestral traditions alive. Overnight, I started making these artefacts ”.

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Along with his son Gareth, Mr. Duncan prepares orders from around the world. Some of his objects are presented as mystical treasures: armor, elaborate cans, jewelry and sets with Sky Marble, but also hand-carved knives from 5,000-year-old bog oak wood.

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“Now I can’t imagine myself anywhere else,” says Duncan. “I like being here, it’s all far away. I know all the gossiping gossip without being there. “

I directed the small port city of Elgol to meet Segus and Sandy Mackinnon, father and son. They own the agency Misty oil boat trips And [j’ai embarqué] Lake Coruisk, to visit a deserted lake. Hidden across the river, the fastest way to reach the boat. Another option is to begin the 16 km hike from Algol via a climbing path under the sinister name of “Bad Step”. Therefore the choice of boat is undoubtedly the safest route.

During the expedition his telescope, Ceumas, with his flaming hair, equipped with seals and northern gannets.

“Look, over there, quickly!” He wrote, pointing to a pair of mink whales, whose fleeting presence arouses the astonishment of other travelers. It is not guaranteed to have a chance to see cheetahs, he assures, and therefore some of the water remains more mysterious. “They say that one is to pee In Luch Koruysk, “Sandy says.” Half a man, half a goat, and it brings misfortune. If he finds you, don’t bring him back here. I don’t want anything to do with him. “

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Ifto pee Wants to attract my attention, so it will have to compete with Loch Koruysk. This lake is both attractive and spectacular. [Il s’apparente] In a silent, dark mirror, in which the peaks of the Qilin Mountains are reflected with almost virtual clarity. Huge boulders stand against the landscape like paperweights and echo the faint cries of eagles in the mountains. The atmosphere here is so special that Scottish writers Sir walter scott Felt the need to convey his feelings in the poem Lord of the islands ()Lord of the islands) In 1814. He wrote: “Seldom has the human eye seen this scene as this formidable lake.” Poet Alfred, Lord Tennison, Meanwhile, turned out to be less fortunate. During his journey, nearly thirty years later, he saw only “dense white shanty fog”.

Image in nature

If there’s anyone who knows Sky’s scenarios by heart, it’s Scott McKenzie, the property’s game ranger. Isleornsay Located on a plot of more than 9,300 hectares. The property made headlines in 1746 when Flora Macdonald was taken prisoner there (then sent London tower) for help Bonnie Prince Charlie To escape after the battle of Culloden. Today mr. McKenzie wore her traditional Highland dress and a baby deer, Participates in the management of a small hotel located within the domain and helps preserve the ancestral forest in the neighboring village of Slit.

After managing the property for the last ten years, Scott gains a unique perspective on McKenzie Island. “Tourism has changed things here,” he said. “Never before have many people visited Sky, but they mostly come for a day or two. We would like them to stay longer and travel less quickly. is enough [de choses à voir] Stay here for a week to take your time. “

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