Whiskey distillery The Glenlivet captivates with cozy interiors

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The Glenlivet: Studio Blacksheep brings a vintage whiskey distillery to life with vintage wood, log fires, and amber lights.

The Moray Speyside area, the area around the Spey River between Inverness and Aberdeen, is known as “Whiskey Country”. It is home to over 120 of Scotland’s whiskey distilleries, and many of these not only distill but also welcome visitors. If you’ve always wanted to see how Scotch whiskey is made, visit the renovated visitor center “The Glenlive” There’s a particularly good opportunity to do just that now at Speyside. Old wood, an open fire, lots of amber colored lights and ears of corn – the London studio has about 855 square meters kulaksamwhich specializes in restaurant and hotel design, has created an impressive interior and experience design all about whiskey.

The inviting reception table was specially designed for this project by Blacksheep and crafted from bleached antique oak by Elmwood Projects. The ceiling lamp decorated with dried wildflowers comes from Grandirosa.

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“The Glenlivet” – the new visitor center makes whiskey an experience for all the senses

to connect with nature Scotland And in the landscape of Cairngorms National Park, which surrounds a 160+ year old whiskey distillery, the focus is on the local forest and vegetation. And this is evident upon entering the reception area, which is dominated by huge chandeliers of dried wild flowers.

Here begins the journey through ten different rooms, spanning two floors and covering everything from barley cultivation, malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and storage to packaging as well as the legacy of the traditional company “The Glenlivet”. Whiskey makes the art of production to embody it. , The ingredients and especially the warm-golden light send a message that would be too obvious for a private interior – but actually embodying a traditional drink with all the senses is surprisingly successful.

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