Who was the Scottish climber Hamish McInnes who died at the age of 90

Who was the Scottish climber Hamish McInnes who died at the age of 90

Scottish climber Hamish McInnes died on Sunday, November 22, 2020, at the age of 90. Who was this man to whom we too owed more than twenty books?

Hamish McInnes died a few days ago after a prolonged illness in his hometown of Glen Coe (Scotland). Engineer, mountaineer, writer and rescuer, it is difficult to put a label on this Scotsman who has distinguished himself among many climbers on the cliffs of Scotland, but not only.

Hamish McInnes: From the Scottish Highlands to the south face of Everest!

At the age of 16, he had already discovered peaks on top of the Matterhorn. A few years later, he tried his luck on an Everest that no one had ever climbed. A man named the “fox of Glencoe” regularly climbs with Chris Bonington in the Scottish Highlands (especially in winter), the Alps and even the Himalayas. For example in 1975, he was a member of the team that faced the southern face of Everest. By his side, Doug scott, Dougal Heston or Nick Estcourt. Along with Bonnington, it was the flower of British mountaineering at the time. McInnes is to design equipment for the campaign. Simple Scott actually has more than one idea in his studio. A few years ago, he developed the first all-metal ice ax. He also landed this quaint mountain, located in the middle of the South American jungle, on Mount Rorima.

Author and lifeguard

As the father of mountain rescue in Scotland, he is a biblical author on this subject in particular. Published in 1972, ” International Mountain Rescue Handbook Then there was a reference in the case. It has been reissued several times. It is also for McInnes that we are particularly suited to mountain rescue for the invention of a stretcher.

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Since 2007, McInnes has been an honorary member of the prestigious Royal Scottish Geographic Society.

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