Why should play France vs Scotland

Why should play France vs Scotland

The game is scheduled for 26 March, when the Premiership clubs are expected to release Scottish players.

Why should play France vs Scotland

The revelations about France’s ‘bubble’ – or lack thereof – have called for Scotland to win their postponed Six Nations game 28–0, but the result would have to be decided on the pitch without the conference room.

Questions were correctly asked about how the Ivory Coast cases reached double digits in France. Players ate food at the Waffles in Rome and the news that head coach Fabian Caldy went to see his son playing rugby raised more eyebrows. There was no safe and dignified atmosphere, and the French government called for a pre-match match with those entering and leaving the camp.

However, the cancellation of the match not only prevents fans from seeing it as a great match, but also makes the match organizers responsible for reimbursing the broadcasters.

The good news is that the game is now scheduled for Friday 26 March. Temperature The Premiership clubs are set to release their Scottish players, even if they are outside the international window, so both sides will still be at full strength. This is the perfect call.


In the Fall Cup, Fiji lost their three pool matches after the Kovit-19 explosion. Each of those matches led their opponents to a 28–0 bonus point victory, meaning Pygmis could not finish more than seventh (they did so by defeating Georgia in the “final” game).

However, the format of this competition is different for six countries. The “finals”, after three group matches, were all played this weekend, so there was no chance of reorganizing the equipment, always 1v1, 2v2 and were face-to-face during the last round.

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Before the start of this year’s championship, organizers from six countries said they aimed to reconsider the match due to Kovit. With the time, there was no pressure to “make it to the finals” like the Fall Nations Cup, determining the Super Saturday Champion is even easier.

French head coach Fabian Calty (Lightcorate / Getty Image) during training in six countries

Canceling the competition would also complicate matters of television contracts. The BBC, France 2 and others have paid for live broadcast rights in France and Scotland. If the match does not take place, they should be dismissed – a dream that now gives Rugby a financial status.

At the same time people want to watch the game, Finn takes Russell over Matthew Jolibert, Antoine DuPont and Duhan van der Merwe and Gregory Aldrid and Hamish Watson.

As long as Scotland has access to all their players – they should not be overcome by the defeat of France, it seems that the English clubs are in agreement – the competition should progress.

a punishment

Said that, given the apparent ambiguity of the Kovit-19 protocol, six countries, World Rugby or their own government – France must certainly be allowed.

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Of course, due to the lack of transparency in rugby, it is unclear what is in the rules of the game when it comes to Kovit-19, more bubbly. Each country seems to have adopted a slightly different approach, with related government regulations playing a role.

However, it is clear that until last summer in England and the West Indies, the team’s atmosphere is far from such an existence. Players and staff houses are part of every national bubble, while in cricket no one is allowed to come into the house – Joffre Archer has been fined.

Although we do not know what the rules of the competition are, the family would have violated them to eat outside and watch the camp. What is a sentence?

Wells is suspended for breaking Josh Adams’ ethics and government regulations while attending a family reunion.

How about penalties for Calty and / or the French Rugby Federation? This can be used to compensate the courtship clubs for the absence of Scottish players for the tournament, although the English Prime Minister is offering a free waiver depending on the circumstances.

Another option is the subtraction of points, although it is too small it may have a small impact on the title race, it is too large and means that the championship is not scheduled on the field. So the penalty is a better shot, or it means that Culti will not be able to attend the France-Scotland match in Paris.

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We hope there will be no more government explosion by 26 March

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