Why your customers will be eager to return

Why your customers will be eager to return

Travel in Scotland means discovering nature and culture, gastronomy and the art of living, diverse quality accommodation, always sharing unforgettable experiences with this innate sense of hospitality. Scotland is also A destination in permanent motion Which meets consumer expectations in terms of sustainable development or welfare and which competes with new tourist attractions. Many good reasons to convince your customers to come to Scotland, in favor of establishments participating in the “Good to Go” event.

World of feelings of goodness

The art of welfare and living goes hand in hand with Scotland. In Edinburgh, Fingal, a floating 5 * establishment, has created a “wellness manager” position, and the 5 * Balmoral Hotel inaugurated its “Curfew Club”, a series of activities (after 10pm). The nightlife atmosphere of the Scottish capital. In Cairngorm National Park, Murali Arms has implemented measures to preserve the hotel’s unique character while ensuring the wellbeing of its customers: additional hunting and fishing guides, repertoire of self-guided outdoor activities, the spectacular “Highland” Picnic”.

In addition, the restaurant has installed “pods” and marquez to welcome its guests. In Aberdeenshire, Meldrum House launched the ‘Under the Stars’ formula for a dome candlelight dinner; And Phonab Castle (Perthshire) has also established outdoor “pods” with stunning views over Lok Fascali.

Crédit: VisitScotland / Paul Tomkins

back to nature

Of course, Scotland is sung with the nature of breathtaking beauty to meet and disconnect from everyday life… to experience intimate moments over time. Here, your customers will be able to have all the peace how to discover all the comforts of beaten track activities, meetings, closing gastronomy…

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Live like scots

“In Scotland, a few different locations are possible in the countryside as well as in the cities. Guests can experience farm life in Angus near Stirling or Newton Farm Holiday in the Arnpier farm and, during the season, welcome new arrivals Qualitatively while living in housing.

In cities too, you can go for a picnic at shops, restaurants from Dundee and Inverness, from the favorite districts of Stockbridge in Edinburgh and Finiston in Glasgow to the favorite, during the city break. Be sure to check out a picnic in Aberdeen or a cafe in Stirling at the record store in Perth.

Did you say responsible tourism?

Preserving Scotland is a priority today for future generations. Every visitor can enjoy the attractions of the country in a truly responsible way, spending more time in the destination, using public transport, staying in environmentally friendly accommodation, coming out of season and committing to respect a simple rule : “Leave no trace”. For example, the Towers and Detours of Edinburgh provide permanent tours of the city.

Additionally, your clients can participate in volunteer work with trees to help protect the Caledonian wilderness or spend a holiday working with the National Trust for Scotland which aims to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the services To do. Scotland.

Kinnaul hill tower with river tae in the background
Credit: VisitScotland / Kenny Lam

This is new in 2021/2022

In Edinburgh, The Diageo Group will open a new Johnnie Walker space on Princes Street in early 2021 to guide visitors through the 200-year history of the famous whiskey brand. In the spring, the converted St. James District will become a new tourist destination with shops and entertainment. And, over the summer, the Red Carnation Hotel Group is set to open its first hotel in Scotland, renovating 100 Princess Street.

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From Glasgow, The 111 de Modo will be inaugurated in 2021 under the chairmanship of Chef Modou Diezen.

In Galiciales, In the Scottish Borders, a new site will host the Great Scottish Tapestry in 2021, which tells the story of the country.

On John O’Groats, The 8 Doors Distillery is to be opened in 2021 concerning the legend of Jan de Groot.

In Angus, Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery, located in Arabia, will launch The Arbikie Distillery Experience in 2021.

South of Lancashire, The David Livingstone Center will explain the lives of Scottish explorers and missionaries in 2021.

In Perthshire, The Lanrick Treehouse opened in 2020, inviting guests to avoid treetops in eco-friendly luxury accommodation.

On Lom Lomond, Cameron House 5 * will reopen in April 2021 after the hotel renovation.

Program: Ask for the program!

Celebration of‘Year of Waters and Coastline 2020 Will continue in 2021 as well. In Scotland, water is detected through its terrain (hiking), explored by rivers (loiking) (fishing), canals, coast (kayak or sailing boat). Taste the coastal fort, fish and seafood …

In 2022, Scotland will celebrate its story, Through its myths and legends, its personalities that have marked the country and which are still celebrated today, as well as those inspired by the uniqueness of the destination. More information will be unveiled in 2021.

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