William and Kate, Scotland and Wales train journey. Photo


A little appreciated testimony. William, Kate And a train journey in the days of Kovid: an idea that many people did not like. And indeed the Duke of Kensington was quite welcomed Scotland and Wales, Countries that they crossed by train during their royal tour. The initiative, designed to encourage the state in times of pandemonium and to pay tribute to those working in emergency or emergency services, closed today in Cardiff, the Welsh capital.

Low-profile organizations and meetings with moderately ranked officials, perhaps, as the Guardian points out, due to Kovid due to travel restrictions. The coldness towards the two 38-year-old dukes – seeking consensus and a larger public role, while 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth remains in truly solitary confinement for precautionary reasons at Windsor Castle – was justified by the need to honor the restrictions. Distant and social contacts are still in force in the empire. But according to the Guardian, it appeared clearer than the more cordial ton of previous stops in England.

Particularly since independence, the first minister of Scottish local government, Nicola Sturgeon, did not hesitate to underline that in the past few hours, Kensington Palace – the Cambridge official residence – has autonomously proceeded with the visit. The decision was made “informed” of the “travel ban” imposed for reasons of Kovid’s health precautions among local measures adopted in Scotland. Also unfavorable words from the Welsh Health Minister, von Gaining, who insisted that if no one thought of making “unnecessary visits” it would be better that the Kovid cases are increasing and that “their visit to get people Shouldn’t be an excuse. ” This includes what they have been asked to do ”.

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