William and Kate: the best photos from their trip to Scotland

William and Kate: the best photos from their trip to Scotland

William E Kate Completed his tour of Scotland. An important opportunity that the Duke of Cambridge has seized to do what, at least in recent times, has become his main role: get back on the streets, talk to the people, be there, The Queen at Windsor and Charles now has a ghostly presence who appears only on special occasions and always next to her mother (as in the case of Green campaign dedicated to the birth anniversary of Rani rather than the opening of the UK Parliament), William and Kate are actually “active” members of the royal family.

Additionally, on his Scottish tour, William performed the role of Lord High Commissioner, delivering a speech to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland for the first time. A position that Elizabeth II gave to her nephew and which William used for the first time in 2021, when the 2020 Assembly was canceled due to anti-Covid rules.

In the post-Brexit era of Scotland’s independence, William’s role in maintaining the national unity of the United Kingdom has a very important political significance. A load that appears to inevitably shift the balance on what will be his future choice, as King of the United Kingdom.

Here are all the best photos of William and Kate’s trip to Scotland to revisit them.

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