William remembers Diana and reveals his difficult relationship with Scotland

William remembers Diana and reveals his difficult relationship with Scotland

NS Prince William’s bond with Scotland It is more complex than it may appear. He loves the Scottish land, the people, the culture: he has renewed his immense appreciation for their places of peace, but at the same time he has decided to talk about himself and what it really means to him, About the conflicting feelings he lives within.

Arrow a Balmoral when i was told that my mother was dead“, William was speaking, during his inaugural address inGeneral Assembly of the Church of Scotland. “Still in shock, I found refuge while serving Crathy Kirk Parish same morning”

“After the dark days of pain, I found comfort in the Scottish countryside And in the open spaces” praised the most beautiful part of the country. bond of Queen Elizabeth It is so intense with Balmoral, its place of unwavering calm. For William, however, it is the seat of pain for Diana and joy for Kate.

“Growing up, I saw my grandmother enjoying every minute I spent here, as did my father, who is always happy when he walks the hills.” His memories of Scotland are softened by an important meeting: right here, William meets his Kate. both studied inUniversity of St. Andrews those days. Their love story amidst ups and downs made the whole world a dream and their wedding day was a riot of fairy tale and reality. They also had three wonderful children: George, Charlotte and Louis.

“The relationship with Scotland will always be deep, it is incredibly important to me and will always have a special place in my heart”, the conclusion of William’s speech is a flurry of emotions, in which the prince has chosen to reveal himself. . In an unprecedented way, perhaps to show that he too is capable of deep feelings.

Actually, recently Principe Harry he got naked, talking about How did he deal with the loss of his mother, Diana?. Both the brothers today, even though they appear far away, remain connected with the same sentiment: Diana’s love and memory. And it is the latter that the two ultimately disappointed, choosing not to find a meeting point after Meghan’s interview with Oprah.

“I drank as much alcohol as you would drink in a week. Not because I was having fun, but because I was trying to hide the pain.” Harry’s confession is also Putting the Royal Family in a Bad Light, accused her of overwhelming silence and left her at the most difficult moment of her entire life.

NS Kate and William’s Tour of Scotland Includes a short but in-depth tour they will meet at the University of St Andrews. In addition, they will also meet rescuers from the NHS, or the English Health Service. Between the confessions and memories, William’s tribute to Diana did not go unnoticed: it was always in his thoughts.

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