Withdrawal Problems You Can Face Playing Online

The use of online casinos for gaming has widely grown in popularity since the first online casinos began selling their services via the internet. Playing is now easier than ever, and you don’t even have to leave your preferred location before you do so.

Playing at online casinos may be a lot of fun, and there’s always the possibility of earning money. It’s also really simple, you do not need to know so much about computers for you to enjoy its services. Even more, it is considered completely safe also. Online casinos offer their users quite a large variety of games. Online mobile slots are one games category that is available in all online casinos as it remains a favourite among players.

Another way to avoid problems when playing online is by opting for same day withdrawal casinos. The operators that offer fast and safe withdrawal methods are usually among the most reliable gaming platforms. This is why players should choose same day withdrawal online casinos whenever they can. Also, players who open an account with same-day withdrawal websites, don’t have to wait countless hours until they can use their prize money.

Some games like Quick Hit casino slot games are so attractive and entertaining that players may just go to any online casino without figuring out if its withdrawal methods are suitable. In the case of winnings, the gambler may face some difficulties with withdrawal. And the fault of these difficulties in fact is the wrong choice of the gambling platform. Selecting a casino for playing can be a daunting task for many gamblers. This is because there are so many casinos out there, providing similar services and even more, very much decent and authentic. As expected there is a number of things every player ought to look out for before sticking with a casino. Here are the questions, answers to which it is necessary to find before registering to the definite casino:

  • What are the games selections offered?
  • What are the bonuses offered per game and their attached conditions?
  • How compatible is the games software with your devices?
  • How good is their customer support?
  • What are the banking options available?

The question of payment options offered is one that is very important as the option must be one you can use for either your payment or withdrawal options. There are different available banking options offered by different casinos for their users to pick their most preferred option. These options can be classified into different categories from which you can then make your specific choice. Here is the classified information of different payment options:

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Credits/ Debits cards Ewallets Cryptocurrencies Others
Visacard Skrill Bitcoin Bank transfers
Mastercard Paypal Dogecoin Cash payments onsite
Prepaid cards Neteller Litecoin Instadebit
American express Ecopayz Etherium iDeal

However, one thing to note is that not all of these payment modes offer both withdrawal and deposits services.This could pose a lot of trouble to players, especially if not aware prior.

There is a number of problems and setbacks that can be faced by a player when opting for a casino’s withdrawal service. Discussed below are some of these problems.

Identification Problems

Basically, this is more of an inconvenience than a money withdrawal issue. Casinos require that every one of their players must submit proof of a document validating their identity, this document can be a passport or any other national identification form. The point where the problem then lies is the fact that after you scan your document, you have to wait for the casino’s management to validate the document. This could be quite frustrating, especially if you have an urgent need for the money.

However, all of this is done for your protection, so don’t be afraid to hand over your papers to reputable online gambling sites. You should also be wary of casinos that do not need id verification as they might be fraudsters.

Withdrawal Limits

This is a very common issue encountered by users. Limits are set on the amount a player can withdraw at a time after a big win. The casinos will pay in tiny instalments rather than paying the entire jackpot money all at once. It does not occur in all casinos; yet, it is important to remember not to be surprised if you are fortunate enough. It is not a major issue, but it is seen as a concern of security in reality. However, it is critical to recognize that withdrawal will be delayed for a period of time. On their websites, casinos that pay out large prizes in instalments will give thorough information.

Unavailable Withdrawal Option

The majority of casinos require that you withdraw your profits using the same method that you used to deposit the cash. Most licensors demand this as a regulatory obligation. This is so that the operator can be confident that the money is going to the same individual by transferring the cash back through the same method. This makes it simple to prevent money laundering and other illicit money transfers that an online casino may possibly enable.

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However, a number of deposit methods are not available for withdrawal. You have the option to pay out via a different method in this scenario. Cashing out to your bank account by wire transfer after depositing using a voucher card is one example of this. Keep in mind that if your deposit method differs from your withdrawal method, you’ll almost certainly need to authenticate your account.

Being unaware of these can cause a delay for you. To avoid this, it is best you confirm that your deposit method is also available for withdrawal. This will help provide you with a hitch-free transaction.

Out of Сash

Although quite uncommon, this sometimes occurs mostly when the casino is swamped with a lot of withdrawal requests. Feedbacks such as this mostly come in the form of ‘sorry for the inconvenience, our casino has run out of finances. We will write to you when they appear’. In most of these cases, all that they require is more processing time and you have no other choice but to wait to receive your winnings.

Unfamiliar Attached Terms and Conditions

It is not strange to find a player who is stuck because he didn’t read the terms and conditions attached to withdrawing winnings from a casino. It is important to note that different casinos have different rules guiding their withdrawal process, therefore you have to be familiar with all the casinos you choose to play with.

Gamblers frequently discuss their earnings and wagering amounts. Players should be informed of the standard terms and restrictions governing online casino withdrawal times. It may change from one casino to the next, so players should not take it for granted and should properly examine the site’s terms and conditions. As a result, you will never be disappointed when you first begin to play and win. The majority of gamers have problems with withdrawals because they do not read the terms and conditions of a certain website. So don’t forget to read the review of the online casino’s withdrawal regulations for free spins, bonuses, and more.

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Withdrawal Charges

Some online casinos require their users to pay withdrawal fees for any or all of the available payment options. While you may be able to deposit without incurring any additional fees, making a withdrawal might be a different story.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we always recommend checking the casino site for potential fees before making a transaction. The most reputable online casinos never impose deposit or withdrawal fees to their clients. This is also the criterion you should look for when selecting a gaming site.

Malfunctions in the Software

This is not a common problem as the software ought to have a backup for cases like this. However, in cases where it cannot be avoided, you could come across this setback. If you’re unlucky and your game malfunctions in the process of a withdrawal, don’t worry; when you restart the game, it will usually resume where you left off. Another useful idea is to keep track of the money you’ve earned by taking screenshots. However, if the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact the casino’s customer service.

Using a Similar IP to Play a Multi-Bonus Game

If more than one member of your family wants to play casino games, see if the online casino enables multiple accounts from the same IP address. Because repeated bonus plays from the same IP address are not permitted, many players are unable to make withdrawals. You should review the policies prior to creating multiple accounts.


Withdrawals are not as straightforward and easy as deposits. This is because there are a lot of caution that should be taken by both the casino and the player to prevent the possibility of money laundering and online scammers.

In the process of this, and other factors, it is not uncommon to find yourself stuck in the middle of a withdrawal process, which can be very frustrating. As such, you should ensure that you are as informed as possible about available withdrawal problems you might face and how to avoid them. This will help you greatly.


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