Without DuPont against Scotland, Marchand and Vincent are positive

Without DuPont against Scotland, Marchand and Vincent are positive

Hard blow to the blues! Half of Positive of France Antoine DuPont’s score for the Kovid-19 against Scotland in a week, seized the third match of the Six Nations tournament.

Blues of Fabian Galthey key player Toulson tested positive in the first week and was not called up to the 31st list to prepare for the meet against XV du Chardon, neither hooker Julian Marchand nor Arthur Vincent Center, eighth. And ninth cases were detected in the blues for a week.

Asymptomatic, DuPont (24 years, 29 cap) will remain in isolation for the next few days.

On Saturday, it is the column of Montpellier Mohammed Hauas and the winger of Toulon Gabin Villier who was tested. They are also absent from the list, just as Tolonis Jean-Baptiste Grosse and Swan Ribbudge declared “contact matters” by the Federation.

Among the staff, coach Fabin Galthy, co-coach of Vijay Karim Ghazal, forward coach William Serratt and a fourth member of blues management, Unknown, also tested positive.

Captain Olivon (Toulon), second lines Bernard le Roux (Racing 92) and Paul Wilmsay (Montpellier), center Gayle Ficou (Stade Française), back Bryce Dulin (La Rochelle) or wingers Teddy Thomas (Racing 92) and Damien Penaud () Clermont) … appear in the group.

In total, the Blues staff has made seven changes: Dorian Aldegiri (Toulouse, 7 selections), Teddy Bobgain (Racing 92, 1 selection) and Hasne Kollinar (Racing 92, 2 selections in the front row); In Maxime Lucu (UBB, 0 sl.) Kaj, Jonathan Danty (Stade Frank, 6 cell.) And Yoram Mofana (Bordeaux-Beggles, 2 cell.) Make their presence known in the group of 31, viz. Winger Donovan Taofifenua (Racing 92, 0 sl.).

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After two successes in Italy (50–10) and then Ireland (15–13), the XV of France, the leader of the six-nation tournament, must obtain Scotland at the Stade de France before heading to England on 13 March. Wales next week.

The players were released on Wednesday evening and returned to CNR Markosis on Sunday to prepare for the match against Scotland on Sunday the 28th.

The Scots have not beaten the Blues at the Stade de France since the 36–22 success in 1999.


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