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Gegen Schottland wollen David Alaba und Co. wieder einen Dreier einfahren

Against Scotland, David Alaba & Co want to get a three

The figures for the Austria national team ahead of the World Cup qualifiers in Vienna on Tuesday are telling. There have been eight wins against Scotland in 21 matches so far, with seven draws and six losses. The target difference is 35:27. The final test of strength ended with a 2–2 draw in Glasgow in March, when FB Selection took a 2–0 lead.

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Earlier there were some memorable matches between the two teams. The first match ended on May 16, 1931, with a 5–0 victory for Austria at the Hohe Warte. The game is considered the birth of Wonder Team. On June 16, 1954, the OFB team played its World Cup opening game against the Scots in Zurich, winning 1–0 and eventually finishing third – the biggest success to date in domestic football history.

good omen

It can also be seen as a good omen that Austria’s last successful World Cup qualification to date also began with a match against Scotland. On 31 August 1996 they fell 0–0 at the Vienna Prater, Austria bought tickets for the 1998 final in France in October 1997.

The most recent encounter between the two teams in Vienna is nothing short of a fond memory. On 30 May 2007, after Scotland won 1–0 at Hanapey Stadium, the game was overshadowed by barbaric insults from a rapid fan scene held at the stadium against the then OFB captain Andreas Evanschitz.

The Scots in Group F are currently third at half-time, one point ahead of the fourth-placed Austrian, who is ranked 23rd, 26 places ahead of the Scots in the world rankings. FB Tuesday’s rival, who had to do without top star Scott McTominay (Manchester United), was eliminated in the group stage at Euro. More recently, as in Austria, the Scots participated in a World Cup in 1998.

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Statistics Austria – Scotland (21 games – 8 wins, 7 draws, 6 losses, goal difference 35:27):

May 16, 1931, Vienna (FS): Austria 5-0 Scotland

29 November 1933, Glasgow (FS): Scotland 2-2 Austria

May 9, 1937, Vienna (FS): Austria 1-1 Scotland

13 December 1950, Glasgow (FS): Scotland 0-1 Austria

May 27, 1951, Vienna (FS): Austria 4-0 Scotland

June 16, 1954, Zurich (World Cup): Austria 1-0 Scotland

May 19, 1955, Vienna (FS): Austria 1: 4 Scotland

2 May 1956, Glasgow (FS): Scotland 1-1 Austria

May 29, 1960, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 4:1

8 May 1963, Glasgow (FS): Scotland 4-1 Austria

6 November 1968, Glasgow (WM-Q): Scotland – Austria 2:1

5 November 1969, Vienna (WM-Q): Austria – Scotland 2: 0

September 20, 1978, Vienna (EM-Q): Austria 3-2 Scotland

17 October 1979, Glasgow (EM-Q): Scotland 1-1 Austria

20 April 1994, Vienna (FS): Austria 1-2 Scotland

August 31, 1996, Vienna (WM-Q): Austria – Scotland 0: 0

2 April 1997, Glasgow (WM-Q): Scotland – Austria 2-0

April 30, 2003, Glasgow (FS): Scotland 0-2 Austria;

August 17, 2005, Graz (FS): Austria 2-2 Scotland

May 30, 2007, Vienna (FS): Austria – Scotland 0:1

25 March 2021, Glasgow (WM-Q): Scotland – Austria 2-2


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