“Yeast Is Still Good”

Instead of large wooden barrel a merchant debris sunk in OK ‘800 in the icy waters of the North Sea In Scotland, almost put one in many so: bottles From beer, the incredible discovery of diving technician Amateur Steve Hickman, together with a team of professionals, can be reevaluated today in the light of the statements of the founder of the research company brolab, Keith Thomas, According to Thomas “with them” yeast You Can Give These Beers Your Own original taste,

Businessman Wallachia, drowned in the distance 1895 after a collision with another boat, after leaving Glasgow With a varied load, it can stand guard for over a century still edible beer,

Holidays in Greece, Spain and Croatia? Various rules, certificates from the test and return to Italy: guide

“Tooka. with the efficient care of maestro birrio Can restore its original taste to beer. what they had in the late nineteenth century, when they were bottled“, Like this Keith Thomas who’s going to experience the unbelievable Experiment,

Queen Elizabeth Launches Her Own Sandringham Brand of Beer

In part is buried in silt and all are fully preserved. The stake is now in the hands of scientists brolab, who with allies try to remove the bottlesUniversity of Sunderland, Their job would be to remove the still-live yeast from inside the bottles. and then use the same yeast To basically recreate the beer. I already first test they came out encouraging and it succeeded To establish that beer contains a special yeast that can produce whites, reds and blacks with an alcohol content of 7.5 percent.

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Free beer for vaccinators, Budweiser initiative to reach 70% of population


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