Youngsters learn the importance of Remembrance Day

Youngsters learn the importance of Remembrance Day

The importance of remembering those who have served their country is not lost on the children of Whitehaven.

Youngsters Remembrance of St. James Infant School had been thinking about the final payers for the past two weeks in Sunday’s race.

As part of their study, children in infant school were making poppies, learning about what they symbolize and why we wear them.

The infants learned a poem called Poppy, Poppy and wrote their own acrostic poem about the act of remembrance.

The children also used their handprints to fight for their country and often painted a huge poppy as a symbol of their unified gratitude to the soldiers who made the final sacrifice.

The children are also studying the poem Flanders Fields, written by John McCray. His study of Rondeau poetry, as well as the conditions of the trenches brought home the realities of war.

Teacher Rachel Morgan said: “The children had a lot of fun learning about Memorial Day and why we remember it.

“They could not believe the living conditions of the soldiers and are very grateful to the men and women who fought to defend our country.”

The three students read McCrane’s heart-rendering poem in a Facebook video that was presented to parents on Sunday.

Headteacher Michael Craig said: “The kids and the parents really seem to be connected.

“What it means to remember what we’re learning.”

Involved in after school club activities, making huge PPOs from paper plates and colored materials.

St. James Infant School will observe two minutes of silence today at 11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month. A virtual remembrance service including fictional readings, information and clips of their activities will also be released by the school today.

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Sunday was a very different day this year due to the epidemic with services in monuments without the participation of the people. However, schools like St. James remembered all they could do was fall out of the fray. The nations stood in a reflected silence on their windows or at their doors on Sunday as dignitaries laid wreaths at the cenotaphs in private ceremonies.

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