Yvelines. A small piece of scotland in chevreous valley

The herd consists of eleven Highland cows.

With a red dress, his long hair and his horns rose in the air Highland cows There are recognizable between one thousand. But what about these animalsIn Scotland Saint-Lambert-des-Bois in the Chevrolet Valley (Yvelyn)?

Eleven highland cows

“Ten years ago, many regional parks set up a joint project for the maintenance of grasslands at the bottom of wet valleys, which may again be closed in the jungles. And it seems that the pasture of these cows is the best way to maintain these soils ”, explains Clarisse Blanchard, in charge of agriculture. Regional Natural Park of the Upper Chevron Valley (PNR).

Today, the PNR has eleven Highland cows and three Camarg mars that graze in Saint-Lambert.

It is Frédéric Pelletier from Fermi de la Grand Maison in Chevrolet who looks after it.

Animals love freedom

“I bring them grass, dry grass twice a week. When it froze, I added alfalfa which is much richer, ”the farmer says, opening the barrier. As soon as the cows hear the tractor coming, they go back to the roadside. They know Frédéric who achieves this without any problems.

“These cows scare people because they have big horns, but they are really very good”

Frederick Pelletier

“They scare people because they have big horns, but they are really very good. Here, I enter the meadow. But, I will not set foot in a meadow where one of my cows is on its calf Is with, ”he explains.

These rustic animals, with their long hair, love freedom. In this way the park selected them to graze both in summer and winter in Saint-Lambert-des-Bois.

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Today, thanks to highland cows, wet meadows are maintained. And with this, biodiversity is enriched, especially with the presence of rare flowers such as orchids.


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