Yvelins. A Little Slice of Scotland in the Chevrouse Valley

The herd consists of eleven highland cows.

their red robes, their long hair and their horns raised in the air highland cows Recognizable among a thousand. but what do these animals doScotland in Saint-Lambert-des-Bois in the Chevrouse Valley (Yvelines)?

Eleven Highland Cowland

“Ten years ago, several regional parks set up a joint project to find a solution to the maintenance of grasslands at the bottom of wet valleys, which can be closed and re-forested. And it appeared that grazing these cows was the best way to maintain these soils,” explains Clarice Blanchard, in charge of agriculture Regional Natural Park of the Upper Chevruse Valley (PNR).

Today the PNR consists of eleven Highland cows and three Camargue mares that graze at Saint-Lambert.

It is Frederic Pelletier from the Ferme de la Grand Maison in Chevreuz who looks after it.

freedom loving animals

“I bring them hay, dry hay twice a week. When it froze, I added alfalfa, which is richer,” explains the farmer, opening the barrier. The cows go back to the side of the road as soon as they hear the tractor coming. They know Frederick who approaches him without any problems.

“These cows scare people because they have big horns, but they’re really cool”

Frederick Pelletier

“They scare people because they have big horns, but they’re really cool. Here, I enter the meadow like this. But, I won’t set foot in the meadow where one of my cows her calves Be with me,” he explains.

These rustic animals with their long hair love freedom. This is how the park chose them to graze in Saint-Lambert-des-Bois in both summer and winter.

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Today, thanks to the highland cows, the wet meadow is maintained. And with it, biodiversity flourishes, especially with the presence of rare flowers like orchids.

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