11 year old prodigy finished physics degree in nine months

11 year old prodigy finished physics degree in nine months

Laurent Simmons, an 11-year-old Belgian boy who received his BA in Physics from the University of Antwerp with an average of nine out of ten and in the same course of nine months, as prescribed before entering the educational institution of their country.

Simmons, whose The professional horizon lies in “being able to replace as many parts of the human body as possible with manufactured organs”, He started his primary studies only at the age of four and attended secondary education at the age of six.

On His university phase, which began at the age of nine, earned his degree in physics with a “cum laude” diploma in less than a year, when it would have required at least three years to complete. is. And as the same minor indicated to Dutch news agency ANP, his academic preparation would continue at the same Flemish university, where he would take a master’s degree in physics, of which “he has also completed some subjects.”

As reported by DW, Simmons “He does not know how long it will take him to complete his master’s degree in physics, but he assures that he does not try to finish it as soon as possible to break a record, but rather to ‘achieve his goal’. To be able to replace as many parts of the body as possible with manufactured organs’, which is his greatest desire since starting his studies”.

Despite his academic achievement, Simmons is not considered the age of record in university degrees, with American Michael Kearney graduating from the University of South Alabama in 1994 with 10 years, where he studied anthropology. and awarded as the current Guinness Record for the youngest college graduate in the world.

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