200 Britons migrate to Ski Resort: “We can’t blame them”

200 Britanniques en quarantaine dans une station de ski s'enfuient : "On ne peut pas leur en vouloir"

Around 200 British holidaymakers in Verbier have been taken to the skies by quarantine measures imposed by the Swiss government on travelers arriving from Britain since 14 December.

Verbier’s upscale resort, located in Switzerland, is very popular with British customers. The tourism office was hoping to welcome thousands of skiers from Great Britain, but the discovery of a new British version of the coronovirus novel has shattered those hopes.

Some British tourists living in Verbier immediately left, but others decided to stop for a while, explained Jean-Marc Sandoz, communications officer for the Municipality of Begnes. Many stayed in quarantine for a day before fleeing in favor of the night, he told the ATS news agency. “It was when they noticed that the tray of food was intact that the hoteliers noticed that the customers had left,” Mr. Sandoz said. “We can’t blame them. In most cases, quarantine was unstable. Imagine having four in a hotel room of 20 m2”, he said.

Tourists left “a little annoyed with Switzerland” and added Mr. Sandoz, with a feeling of being “trapped”. British tourists in general represent 21% of this Wallace resort’s customers, voted the best ski resort in Switzerland for the past two years.

The Swiss Ministry of Health said on Sunday that two cases of a new British version of coronovirus have been detected in Switzerland and one in neighboring Liechtenstein. There have also been two cases of South African version.


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