32 members of political committee are to be registered in PLD

32 miembros del Comité Político se inscriben para ser reelectos en el PLD

A total of 115 people aspire to form the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) political committee, of which 32 are current members of the body awaiting ratification and 83 other candidates for the Central Committee.

The information was offered by Danilo Díaz by Jose Joikin Bido Medina, the Electoral Secretary of the PLD and the organizing committee member of the IX Internal Congress, who said that the registration of candidacy closed at 10am today.

“At the time of closing, there were 115 candidates to be members of the political committee. 32 who aspire to be ratified will be subjected to the same process as 83, who aspire to be new members and 43 who are most likely to Votes get in. Will be elected, “Diaz explained.

Díaz, who is one of the members seeking re-election of CP, said that the list of candidates will be published in the next few hours. Elections will begin at 9 am next Sunday.

On the same day, the president and general secretary of that party will also be disputed and those who aspire to those positions will have a chance to register their candidacy until the moment before the vote.

“The candidates for the Secretary-General and the President of the party can register on the same day, what we are going to do is that each candidate will have 3 minutes to motivate them to vote,” Diaz explained.

So far, the Secretary-General considers the aspirations of Ruben Bichar, Andres Navarro and Charlie Mariotti. Jose Laluz, Luis de Leon and Aristipo Vidal have made a comeback from the competition (later supported by Bichara).

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For the PLD Presidency, it is beyond the “clamor” that former Republic President Danilo Medina occupies that position, with no official candidacy yet known.


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