53 killed in Philippines Vietnam bracket for typhoon curve

53 killed in Philippines Vietnam bracket for typhoon curve

Vietnam Was Brackets for Typhoon Vamko The death toll in the Philippines has risen to 53 as the country’s central coast is prone to landslides. Terrible storm This year.

Strong Typhoon leaves 42 dead, 20 misses in the Philippines

With winds blowing at 103 miles per hour, Wamco forecast early Sunday local time to hit parts of Vietnam’s coastline from Ha Tinh to Kwang Nagai prefecture, the weather agency said on Saturday.

In the Philippines, Marikina, on November 12, 2020, a man uses a plastic container to swim while negotiating flood waters from Typhoon Curves. The curves caused rivers to flow over the northeastern part of the storm-torn northeast and flooded low-lying areas. Country. (AP Photo / Aaron Favilla)

“This is a very strong hurricane,” said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, warning the provinces to be prepared for its impact on Vemco’s estimated route.

The province plans to relocate 468,000 people by the end of Saturday, according to the state Media Citing the country’s disaster management authority.

Vietnam is prone to catastrophic storms and floods due to its long coastline. The curve will be the 13th hurricane to hit the Southeast Asian country this year. More than 160 people have been killed in a series of natural disasters that began in early October.

“There is no relief for the more than one million people living in Central Vietnam,” said Xuan Thu, president of the Vietnam Red Cross. “Every time they start rebuilding their lives and livelihoods, they are scattered by another storm.”

In the Philippines, rescue workers and disaster agencies erupted from the main island of Luzon late Wednesday and early Thursday to help thousands in a northern province after the 21st cyclone hit the country this year.

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Leftists kill at least 50 in Philippines, injure 52 and make 22 missing Police And Army Officers.


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