8 April – Mars helicopter “Vij” will hover for 30 seconds at an altitude of 3 meters for the first test flight on Scientific Exploration- cnBeta.COM

After several reviews and reaffirmations, the Perseverance team initially decided to conduct the first test flight of the Ingenuity helicopter on remote Mars on 8 April.This may provide a unique perspective that cannot be provided by current orbiting satellites or ground rovers and landers. Provide high-resolution images and reconnaissance for detectors or humans, and enable the rover to enter difficult-to-reach terrain.

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“Wit” will hover for 10 seconds at 10 feet (3 m) above the surface of Mars. To ensure that everything runs smoothly for the first round of test flights two weeks later, the team must first determine a “tarmac”, a flat area 10 m square near the landing zone of the fixture . After completing these tasks, the rover will soon arrive at the exact center and confirm its location.

Then, the helicopter must be separated from the belly of the rover. Apparently it is closed on it, fixed with bolts, and connected with cables. These are meant to ensure its safety during the chaotic landing process, and it is irreversible — so the team must be 100% certain, and the surrounding environment is suitable for flight. This process takes about 5 days.

Once the “wizard” and “fixture” are separated and rotated to a flight readiness position, it will hover just 5 inches above the surface of Mars and use the remaining connection points as batteries ” Firmness “. Then, Perseverance put it down and quickly put it away.

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JPL’s chief project engineer Bob Balaram said at a NASA press conference, “Since we started this journey six years ago, every step we have taken is an unknown area in the history of space. Huge challenge, but without the safety and power of the rover, the first night to survive alone on Mars would be a major challenge. Once we cut the rope with firmness, we will drop the last five inches when we hit the ground, we hope our big friends can drive as soon as possible, so that we can let the sun shine on our solar panels and Start charging your battery. “

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Once the “magician” detracts from the “perseverance”, it will experience 30 Martian days so that it has enough power to follow up. Over the next few days, the ground team will test the “Wizwit” system and rotate its rotor test at 2537 rpm. The atmosphere of Mars is a small part of the Earth, making it difficult to fly in many ways. But it is fun to try.

If all tests and inspections are normal, “Wizwit” will conduct its first test flight in early April 8. It will rise to a height of 3 meters and hover for 30 seconds. The team should know whether the flight was successful within a few hours – even some black-and-white images can be found from Witt’s onboard camera. The color image will appear in a few days.


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