82-year-old man manages to bring down a young man who wanted to steal him

The pictures disturb the net. 82-year-old man wants to bring down a young man who wanted him Steal.

The moment in which an old man managed to defend himself from a young criminal who tried to steal his car was recorded on video.

As it was known, an 82-year-old man managed to shoot a subject who wanted to rob him. Although due to his advanced age, he was subdued by the thief who, after leaving him on the floor, tried to get the car, not being able to start it, he fled from the spot.

The incident was recorded at a service station in downtown Atlanta (Georgia, USA), and although it occurred on March 11, the owner of the installation so far had not released the images.

After receiving filming, Atlanta police released the video showing how the young man approached the man from behind to steal him.

But he did not expect the reaction of his victim.

Furthermore, they report that the man attacked was free of any injury, only fear of the moment.

The 82-year-old man shoots a young man who wanted to steal him.

Users on the social network have disapproved of the perpetrator’s actions, as his victim was only an older person.

Fortunately, although he believed that advanced age would be an advantage for robbery, he was not successful.

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