9 year old girl survived the attack of mountain lion World

 9 year old girl survived the attack of mountain lion  World

Local police said a 9-year-old girl, who was camping in Washington state in the northwest of the United States, survived a very rare puma attack on the man.

Officials told AFP in a statement that Lily Krizaniewski was “playing hide and seek in the woods near the camp” with two other children on Saturday morning when a puma suddenly attacked her.

“Many Injuries”

“He was taken to hospital by helicopter with multiple injuries to his upper body and face”, she underwent several operations and came out of a coma on Monday, “well aware of what happened to her”, According to his uncle Alex Mantsevich, who founded the crowdfunding site GoFundMe. had created an online fundraiser on, Police said the girl’s condition was stable on Tuesday. Her uncle’s appeal for financial aid, including health costs, is accompanied by photographs of the young girl in a hospital bed, her face covered with large wounds resembling severe bruises.

very rare attack

The Washington State Conservation Agency notes that since 1924, only 20 people in this wild and mountainous state have been attacked by mountain lions, and two people have died. A spokesman told a local television station they were investigating to better understand the circumstances of the attack. According to the analysis done on their remains, the animal shot by a man at the scene did not have rabies.

Above all, don’t run

Attacks by a puma, a powerful feline also known as a cougar and present in the US, are extremely rare, but officials advise, if they do occur, to “stay straight and fight back”. To do everything, and try not to run away. Or play dead.

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