A 31-year-old hacker, the man who changed the face of Operation Lava Jato – Telam

A 31-year-old hacker, the man who changed the face of Operation Lava Jato - Telam

Hesko of Delgati reveals a conspiracy of complicity between Morrow and prosecutors.

His name is Walter Delgatti, he is 31 years old, they call him “Vermelo” (Rangado) and is a hacker who leaks private chats between prosecutors and the then judge in which he blames former President Luiz Insio Lula da Huh. Silva in Operation Lava Jato.

The revelation changed the political atmosphere in the country to such an extent that They have already been compared to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange or the American Spaniard who is now a Russian backward refugee.

Former President Dilma Rousseff recently said, “To me this boy is an important figure in the history of Brazil. He will be our Snowden, our Assange.” From the United States.), Where Snowden worked.

As that detective pointed out, The NSA leaked into its iPad and Petrobras systems during the Barack Obama administration, Whose vice president and current president, Joe Biden, had to travel to Brasilia to apologize.

‘Boy’ speaks of Rousseff, a student of Abogaka, who lives in Araraquara, in the interiors of the state of São Paulo, incidentally the only city in which there has been a total ‘lockdown’ for ten days, when you did your health system. Version of the Amazon Coronavirus was demolished

Delgati has been under house arrest since 2019 – He was in Brasilia prison for six months and is now working at home- For hacking the Telegram application and leaking millions of files of conversations with public figures, including the family of President Jair Rogersono.

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She also hacked Bruna Marquezin, the girlfriend of actress footballer Neymar, and said she did not want to disclose intimacy.

“I always felt that the information of lava jato was of public interest, I have never leaked anything which is in the private sector of the people”

Walter Delgati

In an interview with the portal Brasil 247, he said, “I always felt that the information on lava jato was of public interest, I have never leaked anything that was from people’s private sector.”

The truth is that Delgatti voted for Bolsonaro in 2018 and always praised Delton Delagnol, the chief prosecutor of the Lava Jato operation, the operation that prevented him from blaming Lula and, with it, from running for the presidency that year Disabled.

Former employees of the cybercafé and others in the interior of São Paulo, self-taught in the system, Delgatti said he decided to leak the files because he was disappointed in prosecutors. Four of his friends were also arrested on charges of involvement in the gang, and one of them said that Delgatti wanted to benefit from the information.

The truth is that Delgatti managed to contact journalist Manela Davila, Communist leader and former deputy candidate for Fernando Hadad in 2018.The formula that replaced Lula in that election. Ella recommended that the hacker contact American journalist Glenn Greenwald, who revealed the Snowden leaks.

Married to Brazilian deputy David Miranda, with whom he has two children, Greenwald obtained the material and Production of notes on leaks started, Were devastating about the intimacy of all the accusations and sentences that the lava was boiled or quickly cooked in Jato.

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Constitutionally, the most serious leaks include illegal conduct by prosecutors with Moro’s endorsement, using reporters to investigate potential witnesses, making whistleblowers to defendants, and publishing press operations.

After receiving Lula's sentence, Morrow took over as Bolsonaro's minister of justice.

After receiving Lula’s sentence, Morrow took over as Bolsonaro’s minister of justice.

The leaks showed that Morrow, in addition to being a judge, was conducting prosecutors without notifying Lula’s defense and investigating and guiding against the provisions of the law.

The impact of Greenwald’s complaints on the Intercept portal in 2019 did not lead to institutional changes in Lava Jato, but it coincided with Morrow’s resignation as a judge and Bolsonaro’s assumption as prime minister.

This changed last December when all of the material seized in Delgatti’s arrest was released by Federal Supreme Court Judge Ricardo Lewandowski. This was the subject of information with prosecutor Dallagnol’s audios, and in conversation he admitted that he had little material against Lula and needed to work on punishment and dissemination through the press.

For example, a journalist from O Globo was used as a press agent, as an advisor for outreach strategies and to review press releases.

Delgatti last spoke with Portal Brasil247 in February and a day later, he was threatened by a judge that if he continued to testify, he could return to Brasilia. “I want the last thing to go back there, I’m not a criminal,” Delgatti said.


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