A 35-year-old leftist and pro-Palestinian elected him President of Chile

A 35-year-old leftist and pro-Palestinian elected him President of Chile

Chile, described as one of the farthest countries from the center of the Arab region, this morning passed on a new president, who is of Croatian descent, Gabriel Boric, one of the most important of the American continent since Columbus’ discovery. The youngest of all presidents. More than 5 centuries ago, after counting the votes of 8 million and 4001,000 voters in the second and final round on Sunday, the pro-Palestinian leftist Burek won 55.9%, compared with 44.1% for the extreme right-wing Jose. Antonio Cast, who was born 55 years ago to parents of German descent.

Borek, 35, is one of the biggest advocates of mining royalties in a country of 19 million people, particularly famous for its copper mines, and defending the transition to free-to-fund taxes, the legalization of abortion, and more. Also known for Education and law enforcement reform according to Al Arabiya.net. His program is also included in his biography, including that in 2011 he was one of the leaders of the massive student protest against the current system of paid higher education, which was broadcast by agencies, some of whom expected They were to follow the style of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, approach leftist regimes in Cuba and Latin America, and fight the West and Israel in general.

Borek, second from left, with two representatives in parliament, in front of Yasser Arafat’s grave in Ramallah

The first round of the election took place on 21 November, in which the ruling centre-right coalition expressed its support for the fourth-placed candidate José Antonio Caste, while the opposition left and center parties called for Borac’s support, and because no one had come to the polls. Also the candidate did not receive more than 50% of the votes in the first round, so those who received more both went to the second round, which took place on Sunday, and ended with the victory of Borek, who had promised to finish. The role of “first lady” in Chile, where more than 300,000 Palestinians live among immigrants and descendants.

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The reason is that Burek, who previously visited the West Bank in 2018, with two representatives like him in parliament, during which he met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, is not married and has a partner with whom he has been for 3 years. He had previously met, a sociologist her name is Irina Karamanos, currently 32 years old, which she said. It was broadcast by “al Arabiya.net” to the local media, which agreed that it was as left-wing as they were and would not play the role of “the first Chilean”. When he assumes office on March 11 on the basis of the promise made by him.


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