A boat carrying about 300 people caught fire

A boat carrying about 300 people caught fire

IndonesiaAfter leaving the port, the ferry KM Kam Indah caught fire, many people jumped into the sea to escape, one person is missing.

The fire broke out in the KM Kama Indah ferry, which broke out on May 29, 15 minutes after departing from the port for Limafatola Island, northeast Indonesia, in North Maluku Province. The fire quickly spread throughout the ferry, forcing everyone to jump into the sea.

The KM Karya Indah boat caught fire on 29 May. Video: Twitter / virgins.

On social media, the video showed some passengers sitting in lifeboats, while others had to cling to objects floating in the sea. 274 people aboard the boat were rescued and taken to a nearby island, with some suffering minor injuries such as scratches and hypothermia. Rescuers are searching for the missing person.

The boat had turned black, but continued to float even after the fire was extinguished. Shortly thereafter it was brought to the port by a tugboat.

Indonesian authorities are investigating the cause of the crash. Some eyewitnesses reported that the fire started in the engine compartment.

Indonesia, a country with more than 17,000 islands, has had several incidents with ferries. One of the deadliest incidents in the country’s history occurred in 2018 when an overloaded boat overturned in North Sumatra, killing 167 people.

Wu anho (According to RT)

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