A dam on the Polish-Belarusian border. Kaminsky presented the description

Zapora, która stanie na granicy z Białorusią, jest tak naprawdę symbolem determinacji państwa polskiego w ograniczaniu masowej nielegalnej migracji na teren naszego kraju. Odpowiedzialnym za budowę będzie Marek Chodkiewicz, były wiceminister infrastruktury - poinformował szef MSWiA Mariusz Kamiński. Zapora powstanie najpóźniej do połowy przyszłego roku. Ma kosztować 1,5 mld złotych.

The dam, which will stand on the border with Belarus, is indeed a symbol of the Polish state’s determination in limiting large-scale illegal migration to our country. Marek Chodkiewicz, the former deputy minister of infrastructure, will be responsible for the construction, informed Mariusz Kaminski, the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. The dam will be built by the middle of next year at the latest. Its cost is PLN 1.5 billion.

180 km steel wall, 5.5 m high The government introduced a project to build a dam on the border with Belarus. The fence has to be built quickly and quickly, without any tender – By the middle of next year at the latest.

The new wall will be built mainly in Podlasie, as there is a natural barrier in the Lublin region, that is, the Bug River.

The dam would be a steel fence with poles every 5 metres. It will be an engineering dam, equipped with motion sensors and cameras – announced Minister Kaminsky.

According to preliminary calculations, the cost of the wall is PLN 1.5 billion.

As announced by the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the border guard will also be strengthened, which will receive more than 700 new officers.

Minister Mariusz Kaminski said the dam was “one of the most important elements of the largely decisive border, illegal migration in our country”. this is the solution we use It is based on our analysis of what is happening in the world in relation to, and what is happening in relation to – said Kaminsky.

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He said that around 60 countries around the world have border dams, which are aimed at reducing the scale of illegal migration on a large scale. He cited the example of the United States, Greece, Spain, as well as Bulgaria, Slovenia and Hungary. Such fences are criticized in all these countries, among others for humanitarian reasons.

Border dams will be built in the near future – because, unfortunately, this is a requirement in the Baltic states – on the border with Russia both Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia intend to build effective engineering dams that will reduce the scale of illegal migration – He said.

He added that the dam, which will stand on the border with Belarus, is indeed a symbol of the Polish state’s determination in limiting large-scale, illegal migration to our country. I would like to emphasize this very much, this illegal migration in our country is not due to natural causes, as is often the case in the world, that there are natural disasters, political and armed conflicts in the border states in the border areas. – He said.

We are dealing with an element of hybrid warfare, It is the Belarusian regime that, for political reasons, to destabilize the situation in Poland and the European Union, decided to create an artificial migration movement in our country. Our state will not allow any illegal migration route into Europe through Poland – he pointed out.

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Kaminsky said it was announced The dam will be built at a length of 180 km at Podlasie. As he pointed out, the Bug River is a natural dam in the Lublin region. There we will defend our border in a different way – emphasized the minister.

There will be five meters high steel poles on the border, on which half a meter of barbed wire will be fixed- Overall the dam will be 5.5 meters high. I would like to emphasize that we will use modern, electronic methods of border management. It will not only be a physical, engineering dam, but it will also be equipped with a complete perimeter system – said Kaminsky.

There will be motion sensors as well as day and night cameras on the border. In addition, we will strengthen the border with a new group of officers – the government dedicated 750 jobs for border guards to strengthen the eastern border – Informed the minister.

He will be responsible for the construction of the fence Marek Chodkiewicz, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure in 2017-2019.

From 2 September, due to migrant pressure in the border area with Belarus – 183 localities in the Voivodeship Podlasie and Lublin – valid emergency situation. It was introduced for 30 days under an ordinance issued by President Andrzej Duda at the request of the Council of Ministers. On October 1, a presidential decree extending the state of emergency by 60 days was published in the Journal of Laws.

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