‘A disgrace’: 92 naked migrants found at Greece-Turkey border

'A disgrace': 92 naked migrants found at Greece-Turkey border

Greek border guards on Friday came across 92 completely naked migrants who rushed to fend for themselves on the banks of the Ivros River, which serves as the border between Greece and Turkey. Quickly, Greek officials blamed their Turkish counterparts.

“Turkey’s behavior towards the 92 migrants we rescued at the borders today is a disgrace to civilization. We hope that Ankara will investigate this incident and eventually defend its borders with the European Union,” said Migration this Saturday The Greek minister of notice Mitarachi tweeted. A picture of naked persons in nature.

According to Het Latst Nieuws, the migrants explained that the Turkish border police took them by boat to the Greek side of Avros, where all of their belongings, including their clothing, were removed.

Greece and Turkey regularly accuse each other of sending migrants from one side of the border to the other, so that they do not have to welcome them in their respective territories. Athens wants to close the border on the Avros River, in the north-east of the country, due to the high number of illegal crossings from Turkey. The 35 km fencing along the river will be extended to 80 km.

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