A dog saves an injured climber by keeping him warm for 13 hours

Un perro salva a un montañista herido al mantenerlo caliente con su cuerpo durante 13 horas


6 a 2022 03:19 GMT

“The friendship and love between man and dog is limitless,” the rescue team said.

In the Velebit mountain range, off the Adriatic coast of Croatia, a dog saved the life of a climber who collapsed on a steep slope by lying on top of him and keeping warm for 13 hours, until a group of rescuers arrived at the spot. reached, Reported local media.

The incident happened last weekend, when three friends were hiking on those mountains, about 1,800 meters above sea level. Graga Brikic, one of them, fell into a ravine, where he was injured, trapped and unable to move. Her dog, named North, an Alaskan Malamute, stay with the owner until help arrivesWarm it with your body.

The rescue team found it difficult to reach the victim due to very difficult access to the icy mountain and inclement weather. In the end, 27 rescuers came to his aid.

“Due to unfortunate circumstances, they both fell down the slope together … North rose, innocuous, but his friend, the young climber, was not so lucky. The dog came next to him and warmed him with his body. His loyalty was not there. He stopped even with the arrival of the rescuers: it was one of us, guarding his master for 13 hours,” reads the Facebook page of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS).

In a picture posted there, Uttar is seen lying on a stretcher on top of his injured owner. HGSS said, “The friendship and love between man and dog is limitless.” However, he cautioned against hiking with dogs in difficult conditions, especially in winter.

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